It's Your Turn

Downsize to Rightsize

The kids are gone, the house is too big, the career is winding down. It's your turn to dust off those dreams and get ready to live your second act full of love, laughter and wonder surrounded by a posse of other outrageous and beautiful women.

If it ain't broke...then give it away! It's time to declutter your life and let go of the baggage that you've been lugging around for years. Whether it's the home that's filled to the rafters or the emotional burdens, it's time to let that shit go!

Self-care Rituals

Travel Because You Can

A look at the whole person with a deep dive into the mind, body, spirit, environment connection. Learn to create moments of personal pleasure without all the guilt. Get back to basics with daily self-care rituals that will sustain you long into your older years. Taking care of yourself has never felt so good.

Let buying plane and train tickets become your new hobby. Become a global citizen and a change agent for the world by sharing your knowledge, joys and passions with others around the globe. "What you are seeking, is seeking you" Rumi. Be the light so that others may follow.