Being Merry

MerryLHi, my name is Merry Lynch and I am thrilled you are here.

People describe me as a consummate storyteller that will inspire you to bust through fears and do that thing that will change your life forever. A blend of motivator and educator I use my skills, degrees and certifications in Behavioral Sciences, Emotional Intelligence Analysis, Core Confidence Coaching and Etiquette and Diversity Training into one integrated approach to take you from the labor room to the board room and beyond. From transition to transformation, from dis-ease to well-being Merry understands about the challenges of living with a Chronic Illness and challenges you to find your voice, build that foundation, sculpt your life and design a plan to create a life you will love to lead.

With a career steeped in leadership development that took me all over the US and Europe serving US and foreign dignitaries, famous authors, entrepreneurs and people just like you until one day in 2013 when everything began to spiral out of control.

After 20 years of marriage my husband and I left all of our earthly possessions and packed our meager belongings into a suitcase. That’s right, it’s gone, all of it! Sold everything or gave it away – to some very deserving people I might add.

Our belongings now amount to 50 pounds. Imagine what your life would look like in 50 pounds? It was a very emotional journey of downsizing, right sizing and clearing the clutter. In April of 2013 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease which made us look at life very differently. As the Lyme Disease moved throughout my body it left me unable to walk or talk, my kidneys and liver were shutting down, my blood so filled with this virus that it was running thick as molasses, and thoughts of suicide loomed in my head. It was a year of emotional turmoil that had no end in sight. There is no magic pill and with a disease wrought with controversy it was hard to even find treatment.

The journey has taken many twists and turns since January 2013 when we didn’t know what we could expect out of life. It’s times like this when the word “marriage” takes on a different meaning. Although we have always been a pretty adventurous couple getting rid of everything was never in the plans, until we heard of an unconventional and natural Lyme Disease treatment in Poland. From that point on the conversations and dreams began. So we left for Poland with a one way ticket and our 50 pound suitcase.

We hope our journey will inspire you to do something different, to trust in yourself, to look deep into those dreams and desires to make them happen! The programs I offer will crush the negative thinking, will put you in charge of your habits so that making choices will be easy and guilt free. By investing in yourself you WILL be able to create and live a life you will love to lead.

If not now, when? You never know where the wind will blow you!