If you’re here, then you must have questions. So…I will do my best to read your mind and answer some random questions that you may have.

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Q: What is Lifestyle Coaching?

A: LifestyleCoaching is a participatory, interactive, results producing, professional relationship that enhances your ability to learn, make changes, and achieve desired goals. As your coach I  help you get crystal clear about what you want to accomplish, set specific goals, make an effective action plan, keep you focused, and eliminate obstacles. In a coaching relationship, you and I will prioritize, plan, analyze, troubleshoot, and brainstorm. Coaching will provide structure, feedback and perspective. Together, we will evaluate options, make decisions, track your progress and address your stumbling blocks, and celebrate achievements. Change is not always easy, as your coach I am here to push you through the obstacles that appear bigger than life. Tears are optional.

Q: I don’t have the time.

A: So how is that working for you? Through coaching you will learn the benefits of leverage and what your time is worth. We then will take a look at how you spend that time and teach you new skills and accountability measures that will insure that time is bountiful. By participating in coaching you will not only find you have time for the program, you will find you have time everything that is important to you in your life. When is there a better time to start leveraging yourself and to be more productive?

Q: I don’t have the money?

A: Investing in yourself is a personal choice. My coaching programs and workshops were conceived to give you the very best of everything that I have learned and lived personally. The schooling I have accomplished that led me here and my experience both personal and professional will insure that if you do what I will ask of you through this journey, your life will never be the same. I take any relationship very seriously and only take on the clients that are committed to growth, clarity and integrity.

Q: I can do this on my own.

A: Well, if that is the case, then why are you here? Have you really gained all the clarity you need to successfully navigate life? Do you truly know your why? If you can in fact “do this on your own” then why aren’t you doing it. Coaching can certainly provide a path for you.

Q: I am not organized enough.

A: That in itself is a perfect place to be. Together we will put systems, checks and balances and accountability measures in place so that as you get distracted you can gently pull yourself back on track. If not, I am here to pull you back, slap you in the side of the head (virtually), and begin again until the day (believe me, it will come) that everything seems to fall into place.

Q: What are DISC assessments?

A: Simply put, DISC assessments take a look at your innate behaviors and motivators. What that really means is these behaviors (or ways of being) that we all have are identified so that we can better understand where we will hold our self back or excel. Once you understand these behaviors and tie that into what truly motivates you at your core you can then better choose a path that will experience success. These TTI Success Insights computer generated assessments are the most validated assessments on the market. Ensuring and delivering the most accurate and up to date information on behaviors and motivators available. These assessments are used in each one of my coaching relationships.

Q: What is Emotional Intelligence?

A: Emotional Intelligence refers to the understanding of our emotional energy that we emit. Taking a deep look into how the emotions (either negative or positive) can change the outcome of any interaction. We uncover how your emotions effect those around you as well as how others people’s emotions effect you, and what to do about it. TTI Success Insights is a leader in the Emotional Intelligence world and offers some of the most comprehensive Emotional Intelligence assessments available.

Q: What are your qualifications?

A: I have never really been one to lay down a list of my schooling or certifications as I believe that we are all put on this Earth for a reason. With that being said, I have owned three prior businesses that I designed, created and launched reaching sales over one million dollars. I am certified in American Business Etiquette and Diversity, as a Master DISC Behavioral Analyst, an Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Facilitator, a Soul Purpose Life Coach and believe it or not as a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator. All of which brings me to be a kick ass, no shit no kidding coach, mentor and overall bad guy when you need it. My clients have been people such as: Spencer Johnson of “Who Moved my Cheese,” George W. Bush, Gotham Chopra, Senator John Mitchell. I have been on business panels for the Polish Consulate in New York City and for the Sietar Congress in Wroclaw, Poland. My etiquette tips have been featured on the news, in magazines and newspapers. I hold a degree in Business Administration and have won awards for my product designs at international trade shows as well as my sales revenues within the luxury marketplace.  I know a thing or two about obstacles and overcoming them, period.

Q: What is Confidence in a Can?

A: A few years ago after working with clients I wanted to give them something that would help everything stick better. Our minds often get in the way, the negative self talk, the not feeling worthy, the shame, guilt or embarrassment we feel that stops us dead in our tracks. Confidence in a Can was created to gently nudge our sub-conscious into doing something different and is used in conjunction with my coaching programs and workshops. The sub-conscious has a job and does it very well but sometimes it does not serve us, especially when we want to make change. Confidence in a Can partners with the sub-conscious (if you will) and allows it to join in by loosening the reigns in creating new ways of being, of doing things and of accepting change. Confidence in a Can is a 30 day game that you play against yourself. It is meant to be played over and over again so that you can overcome obstacles in all different kinds of situations and be ready to champion your new way of being.