The Happiness Scale

Are You Happy or Merry?

What a great time of year to assess this question. Are you happy, or in my world, it would be: Are You Merry? But either way, which is it…are you really happy?

If you think about it, we weren’t put on this Earth to have a terrible time, right? Oh sure, not every day will be…kumbaya but in the overall scheme of things how would you rank your happiness on a scale of 1-10?

Three husbands later, I can certainly say that I struggled in this area for quite some time. The choices that I made were definitely not in line with who I was and what I wanted out of my life. It was almost as though I was setting myself up for failure, but I was totally oblivious to it.

That was until I learned that my ego had run amuck. I had been looking outside myself for the answer…for happiness. It’s so easy to point the finger, to place blame on someone or something else. It was easy not having to look at the choices I made as the culprit.

My ego, often lovingly referred to as, “edging God out”, had been in control all along. My ego had control of the wheel and my life. It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, or even believe in God or not, what does matter that looking outside yourself for your happiness doesn’t work…ever. “Edging God out,” refers to seeking or expecting that the world and everyone in it is here to make sure that you are happy and that “your” needs are met. Sounds pretty preposterous when it‘s explained like that, do you agree?

You’re the only one that can make you happy or in my world, I’m the only one that can make me “merry.”

Here is a great exercise I like to use with my coaching clients to help deliver this message. I didn’t design it, I only put a new and deeper spin on it. Download the workbook with instructions here!

This exercise is quite eye opening, if you take it seriously and take the time to do the work.

Now that you are armed with a visual of where your happiness or fulfillment level is, it’s time to take that finger and point it right back at yourself. You have the answer, you are the magic pill, only you can make you happy…merry.

Begin today by noticing how blessed you are. Sure you have some work to do, after all, we’re all “under construction.” Grab a pair of rose-colored glasses and set out to see, feel and experience life on the happy…no, no, no…merry side.

Cheers to going and growing!

Merry Lynch

P.S. Let me know your biggest challenge this year as well as your most passionate area. I love hearing your stories!

What Does Your Dream Team Look Like?

Who Would Be On Your Dream Team?

As the year rolls to an end, it’s a great to reflect on how things turned out for you. Not just about goals that either were achieved or missed but also whether you took the time to be silly, playful, carefree. Did you take all of your vacation time? And while on vacation did you really tune out and turn off home life to be present and grateful for what was surrounding you?

This is also a perfect time to really sit and reflect on what success means to you. Whatever success might mean to you. Make sure that your idea of success is yours and not what others either have planned for you or expect of you. Your life is defined by your decisions, not where you came from, what you do or how smart you are.

Many of the people that we might look of as successful, people like, Richard Branson, Oprah and Bill Gates all attribute their steadfastness and achievement to having mentors or coaches. So, think about that for a minute…who would you have on your “dream team?” What are the skills or characteristics that you want to learn in the coming year, that someone else might be able to help you with?

Do you want to get better at handling money, maybe you want to become more fit or healthier? How about getting better at remembering names or smiling more, would being more in touch with a higher power or more spiritual help you? Could a business plan or a new way to look at staffing bring new life to your idea or organization?

Why not put together your “dream team?” Think of this “dream team” as a group of about six to ten people, either dead or alive, that have some attribute, way of being, resources or mindset that you want more of in your life. Really take the time to research people that have the traits you desire. What are their values? Are they in line with what you believe for yourself? Are they philanthropists? Serving others is the rent we pay for our time on Earth. Do they live where you want to live, hang around with the type of people you want to hang around with? What is it about each person you select that makes it worthy for them to sit on your “dream team?”

My “dream team” played out like this:

Ellen DeGeneres – comedian, because I want to laugh more; philanthropist, because although I volunteer in whatever community I am staying in I want to also be financially giving more than I currently am; authentic, because sometimes I try to please others too much
Charles “Tremendous” Jones – international motivational speaker, because the space I feel most comfortable in is on a stage in front of hundreds of people; faithful, because I feel the need to connect with the Divine on a deeper level
Martha Stewart – teacher of home keeping, because as an etiquette trainer I believe in the importance of sharing food, being welcoming and being kind, female entrepreneur, because she started with a small idea and grew an empire…I’m on that path; vision, because even though times were sometimes tough, she had a vision and stayed the course…I am constantly working on my clarity
Ruth Bader Ginsberg – uses her voice, because I often turn my back on confrontation…that must stop; clarity of purpose, because having a clear stance changes the game; ageless, because there is no reason to slow down
Arianna Huffington – do it anyway attitude, because the world is my oyster and success is within my reach; redefines herself, because as we grow and evolve our interests, goals and life changes and that’s ok
Diane Von Furstenberg – desire to be independent, because I feel powerful when I am supporting myself; self-made female entrepreneur, because for more than twenty years of my life I have been an entrepreneur and I love that about myself
Now that you see my list and understand why I selected each one, go ahead and begin your own list. Remember they can be dead or alive. This is the team you go to when you are stuck. You may look at the whole team or an individual and say to yourself, “what would _______________ do in this situation?” You’d be surprised at the answers you’ll come up with.

Go ahead, make a wish…imagine the outcome…anticipate obstacles…hatch the plan. The new year is upon us, now is your time. Send me a message of your plan for the new year, let’s put it out to the universe and see what happens!!!

Cheers to a fabulous New Year!

Merry Lynch

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My Failed TV Debut

Have you ever heard the saying, “things happen for a reason?” In my head, what I hear is “blah, blah, blah.” Ugh! Sometimes I just hate all these happy horse shit sayings, trying to keep me happy through disaster, yet, that is just what they do.

My husband and I were asked to be on a segment of International House Hunters. The TV producers heard we were looking for a home in Poland, a place they were looking to do a show in. Excited about this adventure we put together our preliminary video. Check it out below – click on the image.

We had a list of wants for our new home:

  • Historic building
  • Parking
  • Elevator or 1st floor unit
  • Storage
  • Budget 50K

The show was on a schedule, so we hat to find a unit and fast. Several realtors later (a story for another time), we found the perfect spot.

  • Historic building – check.
  • Parking – well…does it count that it was down the street and around the corner?
  • Elevator or 1st floor-nope but maybe my thighs could use the workout…don’t they?
  • Storage-well sort of…with 12-foot ceilings we could build it in…can’t we?
  • Budget-under budget but a total redo inside…are we out of our minds…quite possibly!
  • Click the image to see the final project…to see why we were so in love!!

Deal made, papers signed, architect hired. So far so good, don’t you think? Next up the producers needed a video of the flat, so we brought the architect along to finalize the plans.

My husband and I were like newlyweds. He was ecstatic to have his American wife moving to his home country. A place that he was not sure he would ever return to after defecting to America during the Solidarity movement in 1979.

Arriving at the property we see the outside transition of the building taking place, the elegant return of the façade is beautiful, and our minds are a flurry with excitement.

There are construction workers busy at work both inside and out as we climb the stairs to our new home. I pull the video camera out as we open the door. We’ re thrilled! We enter the small foyer area as the architect tells us of his plan. So far, so good and amazing.

We walk down the small corridor into the area were the bathroom and kitchen will be. My mind is bursting with ideas. The architect and I are in sync and I couldn’t be happier, until we round the corner to the living room.

It’s gone…they’re gone..all of the original hand carved doors – GONE. The original oak parquet floors – TORN UP AND GONE. I want to throw up.

The architect is stunned and tells us he can find replacements – at a cost of course. But my heart has already sunk. The vision is gone.

We phone the agent and the developer who do not see the problem. To them they were old, to us they were part of the story that the unit had to tell. I was excited to live in a place that had stories to share. The building had been through a lot and the people that had previously lived there had left impressions or feelings in the space. I wanted to that.

Oh no…the deadlines. Now what? Everything is off-we have given notice to move out from our current apartment. The TV show deadline will be missed. Where will we live, what will we do, where will we put our things? The down payment?

Freaked out, pissed off, frustrated and the real estate agent and developer offer no solution. This is not America, there is no one to sue, no recourse, we just pray that we can get our deposit back. Devastated we pull out from the contract, thankfully our money was refunded (thanks to the photos and videos I had done throughout the journey – thanks to TVN) and my TV debut is squashed.

This was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. The communication problems with the realtor, not understanding the American. Going from 1400 square feet (130 square meters) to 480 square feet (45 square meters) is emotional and no one could understand that. I felt alone and even though I was excited about the experience I secretly wondered what the hell I was getting myself into.

In the end, “things happen for a reason.” Or I could say, “hind sight is 20/20.” Although our wish list of being in a historic building was met, parking our car outside, around the corner and down the street in the winter time would have been a disaster. And hiking up 3 long flights of stairs several times a day with groceries would not have been any fun, even on a good day. As for the storage, we could have built enough in the unit but would have needed a ladder to access it…not on my list of good ideas as we age. And as far as the budget, we certainly were under our 50K budget but this was a total redo and not like in America where the walls are made of 2 x 4’s and drywall. These were 12-inch cement walls with a bathroom and kitchen that did not currently exist. So, all in all, someone was looking out for us. In other words, “things happen for a reason.”

Where has this happened in your life? When have “things happened for a reason” that you might have been trying to force? When did you need to let go of the wheel and stop being in control? When did you have to believe that there was something else out there for you?

After the devastation passed and we could breathe a sigh of relief, we totally did a 180 and ended up buying a flat in a new development outside of the city that was not historic at all, that has under-ground on-site parking, an elevator, private storage unit and a security guard at the gate. Yup, buyers are liars. Which, this in and of itself is another story for another time. Traveling the globe and trying to bring our traditional ways of doing things definitely does not work, even when buying a new unit. Living like a native…does. But we are thrilled with our final decision even though we have a long way to go to the final product…(a story for another time.)

Where is your silver lining?

Cheers to life lessons,

Merry Lynch

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It’s A Fabulous Life!

My life is fabulous, and I could scream that from the tallest mountain so that all could hear and yet it wasn’t always that way. Two divorces, a lengthy and devasting child custody case, sexual advances from a boss that got me fired, lyme disease that left me unable to walk or talk and through all this I can still say that my life is fabulous.

I know this may sound cliché, but life can be fabulous for you as well. I will show you how to grab the life that is waiting for you to wake up and grab it. Taking you from chronic to confident. If I can do it, anyone can. So, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired then sign up and get notified when I release new programs and freebies to help you move from stuck to star struck with your life.

Over the next few months things are changing for the better at How To Be Merry Lifestyle Company. I’ll be launching my signature on-line (so you can access from anywhere) Core Confidence Visions Program, along with a bunch of new free resourcesto get you up and out moving toward your own fabulous life. You’ll also be able to join in for the Live Launch and receive extra added bonuses for showing up in your life. The first on-line launch will be for women only, so if you have a special someone in your life pass this along. Providing a safe place for women to grow and blossom will help your relationship, community and the world to flourish.

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Also launching in 2019 are the Get To The Core Mastermind Group Coaching Programs. There are three programs in all, taking a deep dive into your:

  • Behaviors and how your life on auto-pilot helps or hinders you. How to use your Core Self to move you to grab the opportunities that surround you and to best use your innate skills to build a life you have dreamed of.
  • Essential Motivators and what drives you. If you’ve wondered how to begin, how to stop the negative soundtrack, how to move from fear, and how to be one of the lucky ones that get to live a fabulous life then this deep dive is riveting and is sure to light the fire.
  • Emotional Intelligence and the way your emotions keep you in “Crazy Town” or allow the energy vampires to steal your fire. We’ll look at how your breath, choices, and thoughts can change the outcome for any situation. And how discovering your big WHY will keep your life in check and on track for fabulousness.

Each program will layer on top of one another, bringing you deeper and deeper into your inner workings so that you can move gracefully and with ease into the drivers seat of your life. We’ll have live weekly webinars, expert interviews, personalized assessments, workbooks, hot seats and lots more. The eight week programs will provide clarity and bring you to a better understanding of your desires and how easily they are to access.

As a master facilitator of the behavioral sciences I’ll take you through mindful practices so that you’ll have an opportunity to see first hand what is driving you and what stops you, your strengths and your weaknesses, hidden opportunities and your undiscovered gems. 3 life changing programs, to catapult you from just dreaming about a different life to actually creating one.

With so much going on I’ll be blogging only once a week to make sure I’m on time and providing you the resources and information you need to live a How To Be Merry Lifestyle. So, if fear of the future, or the fear of not knowing, fear of success or failure, or you’re just plain confused on where to go and what to do, then these upcoming programs are for you.

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Take back your life by making a commitment to yourself to do something different. Join in on the conversation, change your thoughts, be the designer of your fabulous life.

With love and light,

Merry Lynch

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Are You A Resident Of Crazy Town?

Are You A Resident Of Crazy Town?

Emotions can run amuck anytime of year but especially around the holidays. Christmas comes on the same day each year and yet we often find ourselves ill prepared financially or emotionally. We get all stuck in our head about “the list” and instead of focusing on the joy of the season we frantically go from store to store or spend hours upon hours on-line looking for the perfect gift, when the best gift of all is being present. All the while over extending ourselves emotionally, physically and financially.

We lose sleep and forget to take care of ourselves usually spiraling out of control with the flu, a cold or some other illness. I dare say that we should all leave Crazy Town, if only for this time of year. Negative energy just attracts more of that. It’s a vicious cycle. Just how long have you been a resident of Crazy Town? How long have you been paralyzed and fall victim to the situations in your life? The life that you created none-the-less.

There is hope however, being that you created your life and everything in it, you can also re-create it, press the reset button or just simply start over? What would you want to happen in your life instead of living in Crazy Town? Take a moment to start listing and journaling about what your life say in “Paradise” might look and feel like? If “Paradise” is too much of a stretch for you then just replace that with whatever other positive word would fit.

Making a list of how you do want your life to look like can seem like an impossible task and much too difficult. If this is you, then try by taking out a piece of paper and make two columns. On the left-side label this column “don’ts” and on the right-side label this side “do’s”. Under the column “don’ts” list everything in your life that you want to get rid of, and I mean everything. Don’t be shy, look at your relationships and those energy sucking vampires, your profession and whether it is passion filled, where you live, how you feel, the car you drive, your clothes, how you feel about your shape or weight, your hair. Don’t’ miss a beat. Caution, you may need to use the back side of the paper.

Dishing out all of that negative energy can be exhausting, so take a break, grab a drink of your choice, take a few deep belly breaths to get some good oxytocin flowing and begin to write down the opposite of your “don’t” list. For instance, you may have written down on your “don’t” list, a few names of people that either you don’t care for, have hurt you in some way or just are too much maintenance. On the “do” side you may want to write down people you want to emulate, new relationships you want to begin, people you would like to meet. See what I mean?

Once you have that list completed its time to break up with your issues and begin to take positive action, by packing your bags and getting the hell out of Crazy Town. Issues and problems are part of life, the drama is optional.

Where are you letting your emotions drive you and what are you willing to do to change that?

Intentionally yours,

Merry Lynch

P.S. Do you know of anyone living in Crazy Town? If so, then do them a favor and share this email. Help to stop the cylce of Crazy Town.

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Is Your Life Worthy of Imitation

Is your life worthy of imitation?

As the Christmas season approaches, I reflect back to my first trip to Italy.

My husband, a devout Catholic, was raised in Poland pretty much living next door to Karol Wojtyla who would become Pope, John Paul II. As a matter of fact while having dinner one evening my very dear friend told that me she was baptized by this up and coming Priest Karol Wojtyla in Poland. A flood of questions came bursting out of my mouth like a machine gun firing away trying to understand what growing up with the Pope must have been like.

Yes, being baptized is to wipe away all original and actual sin so that you may step into your life with a clear soul, conscious and body yet my mind went right to all of the past wrong doings, divorces, foul language and bad thoughts that I have had throughout my life and wondered what living next door to the Pope must be like. Would I be different, would I have made other choices?

So as my husband and I head off for our first trip to Italy I reflect back to the conversation I had with my friend about this “regular guy,” Karol Wojtyla. But now, this “regular guy” was the leader of the Catholic Church and it had been arranged that we were to have a private audience with this “regular guy”, Pope John Paul II.

I don’t even remember the flight over I was so distraught and worried about this meeting. I was positive that Pope John Paul II would be able to see every wrong doing in my eyes and condemn me to a life of misery. My husband on the other hand was ecstatic to be meeting this amazing man from his homeland.

When we landed in Rome we were met by a Monk from the local Polish monastery that housed the Professors from Pontifical Gregorian University. I of course am still too overcome with fear to relax and go with the flow. I am certain that any moment I will be called out and maybe even sent to a monastery myself to clear my soul. Yet, our arrival at the monastery was gracious and kind.

We were led to our room which had a small window and two narrow beds on either side. The accommodations were modest at best and for the first time in my life I felt incredibly safe. It was the strangest feeling and to this day I can remember what that place represented to me.

That evening we fell asleep and the next morning arose to the quiet chanting of the monks. At breakfast we were told that our private audience was cancelled as Pope John Paul II had just returned from Cuba and was too exhausted to see anyone except the sick but we would still attend his general audience.

As relieved as I was, my husband was saddened that he would never meet this man face to face. So off to the bus stop we go, it was rush hour and the bus was packed like sardines, perfect for pick pocketing, which was exactly what had happened. Everything gone in a moment’s glance, without ever knowing until we went to buy lunch without a penny to our name. I of course was sure that it was because of my past and that we were being punished on our way to see the Pope.

As we arrive at the Vatican it seemed almost bigger than life. It certainly made me reflect and take stock of the gifts that I have to bring to the world and that if one person could start all of this, then I certainly could do something that could make a difference in other people’s lives as well.

We were ushered by the Swiss Guard into a big auditorium room with thousands of other people from around the world. Everyone was singing, chanting, praying in their native tongue until all of the sudden a little hunched over man came walking across the stage and the room filled will people yelling “Il Papa, Il Papa” and waving white handkerchiefs. It was nothing short of spectacular.

Pope John Paul II began to recite a service in eleven different languages and as he flowed from language to language the people in the audience who were Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist and non-believers from those countries raised their white handkerchiefs and clapped, whistled, and applauded. The room erupted in a sentiment of joy and camaraderie that was something to this day I find hard to explain yet I will never forget the power that this little hunched over man from a small town in Poland had.

In the end, the angst that I put myself through on this trip was solely driven by my ego or lack thereof and of who I wasn’t being instead of coming from a place of “I am enough” and that I do have the power within me to change the world in which I live and so do you.

What is it that is inside of you, waiting patiently for you to release it to the world?

Cheers to the best version of yourself,

Merry Lynch

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5 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season

In a survey conducted by Glamour Magazine, 64% of women said they feel pressured to be successful and that getting there is stressful. What a crazy way to live, don’t you think? Looking outside ourselves places undue pressure to keep up with the Joneses. By staying centered and present on your values and desires will help keep the stress at bay.

Maggie Doyne of BlinkNow talks about stress like this: “stressing about a problem is different from solving one.” For this reason, I created the Emotional Intelligence tool, Confidence in a Can, (and no…it’s not a bottle of beer). Confidence in a Can helps you to notice how you deal with stress and to define and deliver new ways to overcome it.

You can get yours here! On sale now through December 26, 2018, while supplies last!

Blake Mycoskie and CEO of Tom’s Shoes talks about stress, becoming a Dad, being an executive and how he decided to de-stress during this immense transition. The lessons that he learned can help guide you to enjoy a stress free Holiday season.

Lesson 1: Truly dedicate to unplug, even if for a day
Learn to be present. Your smartphone and email is not what validates you as being important. It’s your actions, your self-awareness and confidence that validates your importance in the world.

Lesson 2: Gratitude is a miracle tool
When thrown into new experiences or situations learn to notice the little blessings along the way. There must be something nice you can say or notice about your in-laws, isn’t there?

Lesson 3: You get to choose to see the best in people
“Sometimes the best defense is no defense at all.” Put aside the blame, the judgment, the finger pointing. You never know what the other person is going through.

Lesson 4: Take good care of others, but first take good care of yourself
In order to serve others, we must first serve ourselves. Just like on an airplane when the oxygen mask deploys, your oxygen gets put on first before helping others. The same holds true in life.

Lesson 5: Fall in love
Love brings about a feeling of being grounded and confident. Love offers a kind of euphoria where everything seems right with the world.

Confidence in a Can helps jump start that feeling of connectedness, by requiring you to be present in your daily actions. Through learning new ways of viewing the same old things (two sides to every coin), you learn how to be self-assured with a renewed sense of how to serve yourself and others.

On sale now through December 26, 2018 or until supplies last. Get yours here! Give your team the gift of confident communication!

When you value making a difference in someone’s life, you begin to live for the feels and create rich experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

Cheers to living stress free,

Merry Lynch

P.S. The holidays don’t always bring out the best in us. Make sure to share this with a loved one and lighten their load this holiday season.

Don’t forget to order your Confidence in a Can today, now on sale through December 26, 2018 or until supplies last. Bring the gift of confidence home and build a family of confident kids!

What Do You Say When You Look In The Mirror

Have you ever wondered why good things happen to some people and bad things to others? Why do some people seem to have it all or achieve whatever they set their minds out to do and others, maybe that’s you, seem to miss the mark? Well, think about this…your mind, just like Google, is always listening and mirroring back what it thinks you want.

You search for something on the internet and then all of the sudden you are seeing this information pop up out of nowhere. Then the ads that get delivered are showing this information over and over again. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what your mind does. You experience something with emotion and then BAM…you get more of that.

This is where the bulk of the problem starts. It’s was given to us at birth and will be with us until the day we die and yet it is thousands of years old. We rely on it, it keeps us safe and out of harms way, and guides us through our day without us even knowing it. The question I always ask is “what would life be without it?”

It’s the size of an almond and sits in the back of our brain. We refer to “it” as the sub-conscious but it’s real name is the amygdala. This tiny bite sized mechanism runs our lives, that is if we let it, which most of us do – unconsciously.

It (amygdala) likes the status quo. Wants everything easy going or not. It loves drama if you do. Likes it when our life is steady and predictable. Well what the hell ever happens when life is easy going, predictable and steady? Absolutely nothing! No growth, no excitement, no challenges, nothing new! Is that what you want? No one on their death bed ever said, “boy am I glad I did nothing all my life.” Think about that! On your tombstone, “Here lies Sally, she did nothing for the world.” I don’t know about you but that alone scares the shit out of me.

What about those dreams? The travel and adventure to foreign lands? Starting a business as you enter into mid-life? Where do you want to retire to? What does your life hold in store for you?

Now you know what keeps you stuck, you can never go back to not knowing. What are you going to do now? Remain on auto-pilot or take life in your own hands, put on your big girl/boy panties and live a life you will love to lead with all the crazy ups and downs, twists and turns or curve balls? Be present in your life, self-correct when your thoughts go elsewhere, show gratitude, and watch your words. You are listening.

So, the next time you look in the mirror, say out loud, “you are freakin’ gorgeous and I love you”. Say things like, “you have a brilliant mind and are full of amazing ideas” or maybe try this, “you are worthy of everything you desire because you my friend are a fabulous person.”

Say these positive messages with emotion, feel it even if you feel utterly ridiculous. Get out of bed, run to the bathroom, morning breath and all, and shout out to the world, “I love you to the moon and back, have a simply amazing day.” Then…quietly leave the bathroom, like nothing happened, while you silently giggle to yourself.

Can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, no, not enough, lack, fear, shame, guilt, has no place here….ever. Stop the endless negative chatter by fighting back in the mirror. Put your boxing gloves on and give the negative thoughts a good one-two punch. When the negative thoughts creep up, and they will, shut them up with a run to the bathroom.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Go tell yourself how hot you look for an ageless trendsetter. Let me know how it goes. Leave a comment below.

With love and wet juicy kisses,

Merry Lynch

P.S. If you are struggling to find words that feel authentic, sign up for my FREE How To Set Intentions on-line self-guided program. Begin today to change the language you use either in your mind or out of your mouth. Make the change today…your life will never be the same.

Listern to what Oprah and Michael Beckwith have to say about INTENTIONS


It’s All Just Crap – Or Is It?

Are there dreams that are in you still waiting to unfold? Is there more to life and more to you? Making a Crap Board might just be the ticket to your happiness. Read on to find out how.

I’m in my sweet spot when I’m facilitating workshops. My favorite workshop to host is a program focusing on VISION BOARDS. I just love them, always have. Vision boards have totally propelled my life into what it is today. I personally have used vision boards throughout my life whenever I have felt stuck, frustrated, off track, un-loved or un-worthy. Or on the flip side, I use them whenever I have a new idea, dream or goal and want to create a feeling around it to see if it fits.

Once I have finished it, I hang my vision board in the bathroom or bedroom where I can view it several times a day and hang out with it, until the feeling or vision becomes a part of me. By doing so, I can connect with the vision and trust, allowing it to bubble up inside of me.Things seem to unfold and opportunities seem to be placed in front of me when I trust and let go. Vision boards help that process to cultivate and come alive.

People have called me “lucky,” I call me “open.” I love the quote by Earle Nightingale “luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity”. If luck is about being prepared or laying the foundation, I can do that with a vision board. I can hold onto a vision and put things in place to allow for the flow to happen. It can be scary, I won’t deny it, once things begin to appear or doors begin to open. Because the next thing to happen is all about you. You are the one that has to grab onto the opportunity as it appears. There is a lot of negative head clearing that has to happen in order to feel worthy or ready for all the goodness the world has to offer.

Some people think vision boards are all fluff and are a silly waste of time. Where do you fall? Have you ever created a vision board? I have so many stories I have to tell of things that have happened throughout my life; from places I have lived, travels I have done, degrees or certifications I have attained, people I have wanted to meet, to clients I wished to have. All of which I can directly point to my vision board for the fruition of these happenings. Vision boards when done correctly are never fluff or a silly waste of time.

But for the non-believers…I suggest you do a Crap Board. First designed by neuro-scientist Mark Waldman, Crap Boards can relieve the mind of negativity and bring about space for new more positive thoughts to take hold. Take a deep look at the life you have. Write down everything you hate about it. In detail. Pull out magazines and cut out images and words that reflect how you feel about your current sucky life.

Don’t miss a thing, use this acronym so you make sure you have the all bases cover:

C – conflicts

R – resistance

A – anxiety

P – problems

Got it? List everything. All the people you are in conflict with, everything you are resisting or pushing against, the things that keep you awake at night or that have you in a constant state of worry, and then the never-ending list of problems. Take a deep look at the crap you are lugging around with you and holding onto for dear life.

Grab magazines and cut out images and words that best represent all of this crap and paste them on a board and take a good long look at it. How do you feel? That’s what you got. Now if I were you, I would take my Crap Board outside and burn it and go back inside and begin to build a vision of the life you want.

If you want to learn how to create a kick ass vision board that attracts, then sign up for the waitlist of my upcoming on-line program. I will provide you with the exact program that I used to create my location independent lifestyle, living a life I adore. You’ll get it all. Click the link below to get notified of when the course is ready and learn to unsuck your life.

I hope you’ll join me as I share my passion for creating vision boards and building a life you will love to lead.

To Your Passionate Life!

Merry Lynch

P.S. Can’t wait to get started? Then get going with learning the importance of setting intentions. Learn the ins and outs of linking words with your thoughts to create powerful statements that can get you going and growing toward your dreams. This FREE self-guided on-line program will help you to lay the foundation for a path to follow, even when no one is looking.

As always, if you enjoyed what you have found here, be sure to share it with a friend or loved one. We need to give a hand out and make the world a better place, one woman at a time.

Less Is More

I had a boss that once said to me, “less is more.” I understood what he was saying but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to implement it. Now, in a totally different space and time in my life his words still ring true about everything. Less is more, in regards to the stuff in our homes and certainly our storage units. Less is more, in our wardrobe. Less is more in office correspondence. Less is more in a confrontation. The list goes on and as far as traveling, I can assure you that less is more, not in the amount of plane tickets you have, but in the amount of stuff you lug around in your suitcase. This lesson has come to bite me in the ass a few times and I hope to have you avoid the same mistakes.

What is it that makes us drag a heavy and often oversized suitcase around with us as we travel? With the Weather Channel and other travel related sites that offer extended forecasts we’re able to view exactly what we’re in for. Still, many of us find it difficult to pack in the first place and definitely bring way too much stuff with us. Who are we doing this for anyway?

As airlines pile on the baggage fees rising upwards of $75 per bag it becomes more and more important to scale down not only the size of our bag but the amount of clothing, shoes and accessories we drag along with us. Sure, I like to look stylish wherever I go but then somewhere along the line, I realized that most likely I was never going to see these people again so WTF. Why was I so compelled to bring a different outfit for every moment of my trip?

This all goes back to what’s in your closet to begin with (but that is a post of another day), capsule wardrobe anyone? General rule of thumb, less is more. Yes, it’s true, in every sense of the word. Trust me on this one. I know you want to bring everything in your closet so that you’re ready for anything. I get it, but it really doesn’t work that way. You won’t wear half the items you bring, and you’ll still have to lug it around. Worst of all you’ll be out of style anyway.

I have experienced being out of style and more than once and in more than one country. Man, is that an uncomfortable feeling. Still, I’m fortunate to be able to travel a lot and have worked hard to perfect my packing skills and pare it down. Now, I can pretty much go anywhere with a carry on, whether for business or personal.

But things were different more than twenty years ago when I attended a trade show in Munich, Germany. I got to experience first hand just how important this packing right stuff is. This was my first trip abroad by myself. I was petrified to say the least and I was attending an international trade show. Thankfully, I was a participant and not a vendor. It took me weeks to figure out what I was going to bring for clothing and I was really excited at what I had packed. Being proud of my belongings, I zipped up my luggage and off I flew.

My first morning at the trade show I walked around observing what was happening. It was very much unlike American trade shows, everyone was sipping on champagne and no one had a clip board full of order forms in their hands waiting for their next victim to enter into their showroom space. I was confused as my past experiences participating in American trade shows was all about taking orders. I spent the morning gathering catalogs of vendors that looked interesting to me and hurried off, being way to afraid to open my mouth and speak. I was in a foreign country after all.

The trade show was the largest stationery show in the world at the time and I was totally blown away by what I was seeing. The products were exquisite and the packaging was so skillfully crafted. There not only was the finest stationery in the world but also writing instruments, briefcases, leather goods, everything beautiful and wonderful for the desk top.

After some time of walking around this huge arena I took my catalogs and headed to the café, in the auditorium, for a cup of coffee. As I sat glancing through the catalogs totally clueless to the words on the pages, Italian, French and German, of which I don’t speak, read or understand, I was feeling pretty good about myself. I was afterall, in a foreign country by myself, and nothing tragic had happened so far. Having gone through the morning without any terrifying experiences, I sat sipping on an espresso with beautiful product catalogs in my hand, feeling very international.

Just then a gentleman approached me and asked if he could share my table, as there were none left. But he asked me in English. I was mortified. Before I answered his question, politely as I could, asked him how he knew that I was American. His response was, “you obviously are, the way you are dressed gave you away” And although he did not mean this in a bad way, my heart sunk and I motioned him to sit down.

I brought my finest professional clothes with me. I thought I was the bomb. I felt confident in how I looked when I left the hotel in the morning and yet, bam, I was outted. After that somewhat horrific experience where my ego totally burst into a million pieces, I get it. Fast forward to today, having spent several years traveling pretty extensively, I get it that people or cultures have different looks, ways of walking, talking or gesturing, their hair color or shape of their eyes or faces, can all point toward a different region of the world. And now that I have had time to scrape my ego off the floor and put it where it belongs, which is in the garbage, I am able to enjoy my personal style and travel much lighter.

So whether I am traveling for a few days or a few months, I pack light and make sure to leave room in the suitcase for the new outfits I will purchase along the way. Because by not having to pay all the added luggage fees I have money left over to pick up a few key items to add to my wardrobe. Like, Espadrilles in Spain, Merino wool sweaters in Italy, leather handbags and shoes from Poland or a custom-made perfume from France; there is always room in my small piece of luggage for a unique piece. So the next time you book a ticket, have a look at what your destination is famous for, then leave that all behind and buy it on your journey. It will mean so much more and oh, what a story you will have to tell.

Becoming aware of and doing some research before you begin packing, will help you to feel more confident as well. I always am filled with anticipation about how my wardrobe will be enhanced on my next venture. So empty out your closet, down size to right size, create seasonal capsule wardrobes that you LOVE and get out and see the world.

By the way, the man that sat with me as we sipped our coffee in the trade show arena, was a buyer for a large department store chain in California who ended up being one of my largest clients. Lesson learned, always be willing to laugh at yourself and stop carrying around all that luggage. You’re already gorgeous. Be confident in your own skin. Less is More.

By the way…have a look at how to pack light here! Hope it helps you along your journey.

With a wink and a kiss,

Merry Lynch

P.S. If you like this post, please leave a comment. I’d love to hear about your journeys. And…as always…sharing is caring. Don’t forget to GET ON THE LIST and download my FREE Success Defined workbook and begin crafting your escape plan today!

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