Lack vs Abundance and Living in a Foreign Country

So, you know those little pet peeves that drive you crazy like an itch that won’t go away. This is kind of the same thing but different. By the way, this is not a complaint either. It is just something that as I begin to settle into my life in a foreign country that I either learn to deal with or make myself crazy and depressed about. I like to lean toward the “deal with it and move on” mindset rather than wallowing in my frustration, which by the way is my choice. UGH! That makes it even more frustrating. Anyway, getting back to my point…lack vs abundance.

This story may seem trival to you, yet it’s a real thing to me. Cultural differences can really throw us for a loop. This thing I am trying to get used to is “food.” No, not in the cuisine or what people serve when I am traveling or living abroad, it is the food itself…oddly enough.

The refrigerators are small, and the apartments are even smaller. But for today, I want to unload my thoughts of “lack or abundance” around the refrigerator. Mainly, refrigerators are small because most families live in less than fifty square meters, which for you Americans is about the size of your living room and kitchen together. But the refrigerators are also small because the food is fresh and eaten right away and because you shop mostly every day for the food that you are going to eat either that day or the next.

There are farmer stands on many corners throughout Polish villages and cities where you can purchase plucked right out of the garden goods. Which by the way, is by far some of the best fruit and vegetables that I have ever eaten. Poles eat food by season, so fresh is today fresh, not traveled half way around the world begin picked before it’s ready fresh. My favorites are the strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes. Burst in your mouth kind of flavors.

Ok, so getting back to my lack or abundance conversation. The refrigerator is empty, well maybe not really empty but certainly not jammed packed like my refrigerator in the states was. We buy delicious food and eat it. And my problem is??? My mind immediately goes to, are we broke? My oh my, those negative voices come screaming out of knowhere.

I remember back to the days when on Thursday afternoon I would go to the grocery store with my mom and dad. By the time we got to the cash register the shopping cart was brimming with food items. Once home with our goods it became the never ending saga of where to put all the food as the refrigerator was never empty. And…on top of this we had a freezer always full with a cow or pig. Don’t you feel sorry for me?

No, seriously, it’s a head game. Living in a foreign country you come up against all kinds of things you never really gave a second thought to before. Only I get to choose to look at my refrigerator from lack or abundance. But man, oh man, leaning toward abundance when you see lack is tough sometimes.

Yes, I am up for the challenge to be mindful and present of all of my thoughts. To keep the ones I like and get rid of the thoughts that no longer serve me or hold me back. I truly believe that abundance is everywhere. I believe that the world is full of possibility and opportunity, and that it is on my side wanting me to step up and be the best version of myself. So as I open my refrigerator door this morning, seeing more white space than food items, I am reminded that my eggs are from the priest, the fresh butter is from the neighbor down the street with the cows, the jam from the cousins fruit garden, the bread I will eat I made with my hands, and there in lies the abudance. The white space is just that. Which one do you see?

I’d love to hear your comments or stories about lack vs abundance.

Adundantly yours,

Merry Lynch

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