Ordinary women, extraordinary lives

In my trips around the globe or just down the street I have met many people that have influenced my life. Some to a large degree and others not so much. None the less these random people have helped to form the person that I am today.

Wanting to share my experiences with you, I have begun to interview and video tape some of the conversations that I have. We as women go about day taking care of others yet we often do not stop to look at all that we have accomplished, all that we have persevered, all that we have triumphed. In this video series I attempt to give each of us time to pause and look at all we have created so that no small thing gets swept under the carpet. Here we will have an opportunity to dust our experiences off, decipher them, learn from them, be proud of them, stand up tall and go do it all over again. Ordinary women leading extraordinary lives…each of us in our own way.

Having the opportunity to travel around the globe I have learned much about myself. For those of you that wish for a different life, that want to do new things, this series is for you. Check out my interview with Daniela Proietti as she moves her family from her home in Italy to Poland.

I grew up in a small town in Maine was painfully shy and afraid of my own shadow. But I never really thought about the color of someone’s skin or their religious belief. My parents never spoke ill of anyone so it seemed to me that no matter what we were all just people.

It wasn’t until I began traveling that I noticed my own prejudices and fears cropping up by surprise and seemed to come from nowhere. I had to learn to deal with these cultural misunderstandings, whether in the US or around the globe, and I am here to share my discoveries with you.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Merry Lynch, my passion is illuminating personal growth in women that want more. My credentials in etiquette, behavioral studies and emotional intelligence have helped me to build a tool box of methods and tactics along with my exclusive confidence builder – Confidence in a Can, that are guaranteed to foster change and personal growth.

To better share my travels, my joy, and my world with you I will be interviewing some of the people that have influenced me and have helped to transform the way I view the world and the people that live in it. I will cover all sorts of topics from everyday life, living in a foreign country, alternative health, self-care, traveling as a woman and building a location independent lifestyle. These conversations are meant to inspire and build your confidence, putting aside your fears or anxiety while uncovering your own passions and purpose by seeing the abundance that the world has to offer each of us.

Come play with me! I love sharing my world.

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