What We Can Learn From An Eruption

Whether in human form or an earthly event an eruption can send feelings of danger, fear and loss of control to all who come in its path. The energy that an eruption emanates can be felt long after the outburst happened. It is said that a negative confrontation can take up to a minimum of four hours to shake off. Has anyone ever cut you off on the road? What about the effects of a cranky sales person or an argument with a loved one. You can spend hours going over and over the conversation in your head, let alone the time you spend sharing the episode with others.

Unlike Mother Nature, we can make choices as to how we react if we are aware. Emotions can attract and others repel, some violently as we have seen in the recent eruption of Halemaumau crater at the summit of Kilauea in Hawaii. The folklore of the Hawaiian culture says that Pele, the goddess of fire, is “cleaning house.”

Early on in my career as National Sales Manager for a prestigious stationary company, I learned about the effects of “cleaning house” and the emotional baggage that it brought. Whenever the President of the company would go out of town, he would demand that one of the department managers (of which I was one) fire an associate. It was turmoil each and every time he left because everyone in the organization knew that they could be next. The emotional shock-wave could be felt long after the firing happened.

“We have learned to live with her (Pele)” said Dr. Jonathan Osorio, Dean of UH Manoa’s Hawai’inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge. Have you ever said this about someone, “we have learned to live with her”? Could you benefit from understanding this person on a deeper level or from learning how you might react differently?

I’m sure that you have been in the presence of a “screamer.” The person that is out of control and wreaking havoc in any given situation. Think about this for minute and what kind of reaction you had emotionally and the amount of time it took to let these negative emotions go? Our emotions and how we react to them says a lot about who we are.

If you have experienced this and want to STOP THE MADNESS, take an Emotional Intelligence assessment (Core Emotions Action Plan) TODAY and put the Law of Attraction to work for you.


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Now think about another instance where you were in the presence of someone that was soothing or calming in their demeanor and their words. A totally different experience, I would say. Would you agree?

Emotional Intelligence is just that. It is the part of you that effects every aspect of your life. Understanding the root cause of your emotions and how to use them can help you to effectively communicate with others at all levels either in business or personal life.

At the executive level, Emotional Intelligence is said to be more important than either IQ or product knowledge. Our self-esteem is entrancingly linked to our emotions, giving us power and a sense of peace or happiness, or frustration and defeat.

Being able to control or adapt our emotions is the best way to build confidence and enhance our feelings of being worthy. Emotional Intelligence teaches us about how to self-manage and self-regulate; how self-aware we are and how self-motivation plays into our interactions; and why having empathy fosters and builds relationships. Emotional Intelligence is the energy life force that can align your dreams, goals and aspirations through fostering relationships that will attract the vehicle you need to bring forth the desired outcome. It’s that important.

If you believe that relationships matter then, take the first step in building a better life TODAY!


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Do you have people in your life that you struggle to communicate with? Would you like to understand others better? Would being more aware of your emotions help you in your personal or business life? If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, then taking an Emotional Intelligence assessment (Core Emotions Action Plan)will help facilitate exponential personal and professional growth.

Letting off steam in Pele’s world may be acceptable in the eyes of many native Hawaiian’s but in dealings with people this way of communicating is destructive and can have adverse effects. Don’t let that happen to you. Take an Emotional Intelligence assessment (Core Emotions Action Plan) and put yourself back in the drivers’ seat of your life.

Emotional Intelligence will teach you to:
• Make more rational and well-planned decisions
• Gain an appreciation for others leading to stronger relationships
• Reduce stress levels and physical illness

As an Emotional Intelligence certified instructor, for more than ten years, I took this information a step further and created a self-awareness tool called Confidence in a Can, to assist people in understanding first hand how their emotions or perceived emotions have an effect on themselves and others. This Emotional Intelligence tool has been used in organizations around the US and in my workshops given throughout the US and Europe.

It so simple to use that even your kids can use it!  Confidence in a Can can be used alone, in a group setting, at the breakfast table or in confrontational conversations. It helps to get to a level playing field and see first hand the difference between our perceptions and reality. Pick one up for yourself here to give it a try!  After all, who couldn’t benefit from a little more confidence and emotional understanding?

Because I believe in the power of Emotional Intellgence so strongly for a limited time you can take an Emotional Intelligence assessment with an individualized, downloadable findings report that goes directly to your inbox AND receive a personal strategy and debrief tele-session with me at a substantial discount. The Core Emotions Action Plan is normally priced at $75 (USD) but for this limited time is discounted to $49 (USD).

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Now is YOUR time! You can do this!

Merry Lynch

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