The First Step. Thinking outside the box in Lyme Disease treatment.

diagnosing lymeAfter being diagnosed ten months ago with Chronic Lyme Disease I find myself in Warsaw, Poland to undergo a natural treatment called BioResonance. The first step although diagnosed in the US through a blood test called the CD57 and Western Blot the BioResonance practitioner needs to see exactly which strain of Lyme Disease that I have.


The procedure took approximately one hour where he was able to, without every touching, poking, or prodding me, tell me exactly was type of Lyme I had, the co-infections or other bacteria that are also causing problems, and what he could do to help me, guaranteed. Yes, I said guaranteed! If the treatment does not work the first time because of how the creatures can manifest themselves, he will administer it again, for FREE. Certainly not a business model that would survive in the US.

It was interesting to me that without looking at my lab reports, knowing my history, asking about my symptoms; he was able to tell me everything that I have been experiencing this past year. This procedure takes into account quantum physics which for most is a stretch to grasp but having a disease like this makes you dig deep and listen to those that might be able to help.

The practitioner (not a physician) will be able to eradicate my body of the co-infections and severely damage the Lyme bacteria. The strain of Lyme that I have when it is threatened creates cysts around itself which the body does not recognize as a foreign object hence the reason this disease is so difficult to control. However with the co-infections gone and the “playmate” to the Lyme bacteria my body should be able to live with the lingering bugs if my immune system is strong enough.

Be well!

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