Coffee Just Isn’t The Same Anymore…

Coffee inside and outOkay so I’m addicted, big deal, many people are and I could be addicted to something much worse like alcohol or  drugs for instance. But this isn’t any ol’ addiction this doctor ordered. Yup, both my medical doctor and naturopath prescribed it.


I must say that I kind have lost interest in my morning latte now that I take my coffee lukewarm in my anus; drinking it just somehow doesn’t appeal to me anymore. It’s a good thing that I didn’t purchase stock in Starbucks, no actually I take that back, now that I let the cat out of the bag on the other alternative uses for coffee, the sales certainly will skyrocket! Call your stock broker, quick!

I now digest only the finest of organic coffee, only the best of beans for my rectum! Although I call my Bio-Resonance treatment in Poland a success because I feel better and the other bacteria and parasites that were coursing through my veins are gone, the Lyme bacteria has not bugged one iota.

The alternative is the four drug cocktail for a period of six months or more that has the possibility of destroying my liver, me going blind, or better yet taking my kidneys out. The drugs come with an out of pocket cost of $1100 monthly (which is not covered by insurance) or a daily sauna, yes doctor prescribed, (gym membership $25 monthly) and a nice warm fresh pot of coffee up my derriere every morning. Oh how my morning routine has changed.

Apparently a coffee enema clears out the bile build up in the liver allowing toxins (Lyme bugs) to pass freely. The sauna, well, the Lyme bugs do not like it when the inside body temperature rises so off to the fitness center for me.

As you sip your cup of Joe tomorrow morning, remember there just might be other uses for it, healthier ones I might add! Drink up! Enjoy your Joe, I know I will!

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