I Have Bugs! Spirochetes and Lyme Disease

What a year it has been, 2013 I mean. Early in the year I began to feel disconnected, disoriented, dizzy. My right knee hurt – all the time, I was having trouble putting my thoughts together, I couldn’t sleep, had night time hot flashes in my feet where I would have to soak them in a bathtub full of ice and water to cool them down but funny enough they were not hot to touch. All sounds crazy huh? Well that’s exactly how I felt after going to over twelve doctors who all told me “you’re fine.”

My work was suffering, I became recluse and tired so much so that lifting my head off the couch seemed an impossible task. I knew I wasn’t crazy but I was beginning to give up hope when I came across a doctor that thought a little different. She asked me where I was from and what I like to do for outdoor activities. Then something clicked for her and she ordered a blood test.

Finally I had some good news, although this news comes with some disturbing insight. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in April of 2013 and I can tell you I was scared and still am. This is a disease that is so wrought with political and medical bantering that to this day my doctor will not put on my diagnosis that I have Lyme Disease. The CDC does not know of my diagnosis or countless thousands of others as the doctors who treat people with this disease are scrutinized by the medical boards and many have ultimately lost their licenses and their livelihoods because this is not a disease that is one pill fits all.

This disease has such a wide breath of co-infections (MS, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig’s, Lupus, and countless other auto-immune diseases) that the medical profession and the insurance companies who want to be able to dispense the same pill to everyone, can not. The disease has outsmarted them and they don’t like it and because the CDC has no accurate way to tally just how many of us are out there it still gets swept under the carpet.

Basically the premise of Lyme Disease is that it is rampant but it’s not just the disease where the problem lies it is in who the disease likes to “play” with so to speak. The spirochetes, these twisty, turny organisms that make up the disease spread more easily when in relation to other bugs or what is termed as co-infections. The kicker is that this all occurs when the immune system is run down from stress, environmental discourse, poor diet and quality of food, etc. The disease is not just tick borne any longer, it travels through mosquitoes, birds, mice, etc. From continent to continent.

So my journey has taken my husband and I to Warsaw for me to undergo a treatment that is not offered in the United States, not because it is witch craft or unproven to eradicate Lyme and it’s co-infections it mainly is because it is a natural treatment therefore there is no money in it. The business model just does not work for the US. This procedure is done throughout Europe and they have been doing this procedure on Lyme, Asthma, Allergies and other inflammatory diseases for the past twenty-five years with extraordinary success.

The information and videos that I have attached into this blog I hope will help shed some light and hope on the countless others that are effected by this disease and to those that are still in the discovery stage.

I begin my treatment on February 11th, 2014….you will be able to follow along with me. This is not a disease to take on by yourself. Your love and support is needed as I traverse through this maze.

We chose the this particular location for my treatment from recommendations and the practitioners specialty as he himself has had Lyme disease.  BRM MED Sp.z o.o. (Should this link show up in Polish you can easily use Google translator to transfer it to English).

To your health!

originally published 2/8/14 (ourlifein50pounds.blogspot.com)

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