It’s Illegal and I’ve Killed Them!

I've got the powerCrazy enough, I did it. Forty five days ago my husband and I embarked on a journey. I had spent the whole of 2013 with a mysterious illness and after seeing thirteen doctors and having spent thousands of dollars in having tests from MRI’s, X-rays, EKG’s and blood tests, it was found that I had Lyme disease.

But Lyme disease was not the real problem and come to find out usually never is, therein lies the issue. If it’s not Lyme then what? I ached, my hands swelled, I cried (no I take that back-I sobbed) for days on end, I was too tired to even speak yet I was unable to get a full night’s sleep, I was unable to comprehend even the simplest of tasks. Making dinner all of the sudden seemed insurmountable with the missing links of what ingredients went into a basic recipe and how could I possibly make all the food to the table at the same time? There was no reason to make the bed because I was in and out of it all day.

Then one day a random visit to a Naturopathic Doctor with my blood tests to have her review my hormones because all I had left was to think this was related to menopause and she asked me if I was be treated for Lyme? Well that was absurd, why would I be treated for Lyme? There it was in black in white, right in front of me and the medical doctor that ordered the test but never caught it. I wasn’t crazy after all. This is not in my head, well…really it is because the bugs love dark, moist places so the brain works quiet well for that but at least I’m not crazy which is what I was told by four different medical professionals.

The Naturopath asked for permission to contact my M.D. and ask her why I was not being treated for Lyme. She was mad, really mad, thank goodness. Next thing I know my phone is ringing and the medical doctor is on the other end to set an appointment. Surprising, now I’m no longer crazy, just like that!

The medical doctor of course went right for the drugs as a course of treatment; however I only became weaker and was now unable to even work. More tests were ordered only to find that my kidneys and liver were failing so the drugs had to immediately stop. My diet was changed to no gluten, no yeast, no sugar, and no alcohol to attempt to give my body a rest. I was prescribed thirty different supplements to take twice daily to boost my system along with some herbal tinctures from Byron White Formulas. Then just patience, which, I at the time had zero amount of. Patience has never been a word that anyone including myself would associate with me. The dynamic leader was down for the count.

I began layering in another Naturopath from Maine (Dr. Bob Scott) to assist with the supplements. I wanted to have someone in my arsenal that was familiar with this disease as I was living in Southern California where there is not a lot of expertise in this area. The Naturopath suggested detoxing my liver and kidney, layering in Acupuncture, Colonics and Lymph node Massage to clear out toxins.

By September, nine months into treatment, I was able to walk down the street, meet a friend for coffee for an hour or two, and make a basic meal now and then. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. But still not enough energy or thought processing to resume a work schedule.

My medical doctor began pushing me to get back on a drug treatment. She asked me to begin injecting Heparin to thin my blood. What happens is the Lyme bacteria flows through the blood stream creating small cysts and thickening the blood, medical doctors prescribe blood thinners to make sure you don’t get a blood clot but this does not address the issue with Lyme. So you are fighting a battle you will never win. I have never been much for the band-aid approach, I wanted to get to the root of this disease. At the time I did not understand about how these pesky bugs thicken blood so I bought the needles, the scare tactic of; you’ll die of a blood clot worked. I began injecting myself twice daily in my abdomen.

I was completely black and blue below my belly button, my hands, feet and face began to swell and ache. I complained about these symptoms and was told to keep the injections up yet something told me it was wrong. So…I stopped. Two weeks later the swelling and pain was gone and my husband and I began investigating a wellness lead in Europe.

Next my medical doctor handed over the prescriptions for four different drugs that I was to take for the next few months. My alternative medicine arsenal was mortified saying that was not the answer. I went to the pharmacy to ask some questions only to find out that one of the drugs had the likelihood of making me blind and the other was $1500 for a twenty day supply. Red flags, red flags, red flags…this was not an option of blindness or Lyme…this was lunacy.

The investigation deepened into this European treatment called Bio Resonance. It is used all over Europe to treat Asthma, Allergies and Lyme as well as by Veterinarians worldwide. Yet in America it is ILLEGAL! Yes, it is Illegal to treat humans with this procedure in America. I have spoken to doctors that were using Bio Resonance to cure patients only to be threatened by the AMA (American Medical Association) to have their license pulled. Well that was good enough for me. If the AMA is threatened by a non-evasive, natural treatment then I’m in.

It’s ILLEGAL and I’ve KILLED them. Forty five days into my non-evasive, natural treatment the co-infections (these are the bugs that the Lyme disease like to play with and cause problems, i.e.: MS, Lupus, Parkinson’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.) are dead! The Lyme disease bacteria may very well still be in my body yet they have no one to play with. My job now is to keep rebuilding my immune system, keeping my liver and kidney clean, as well as my intestines and although there is a chance for this to re-occur at least I know it does not have to be debilitating. I have options.

The cost of this treatment was less than my four months’ supply of supplements and tinctures. Tomorrow I will go to have a blood test just to see if they can find anything as I am curious. The procedure works with quantum physics and Chinese medicine utilizing electricity and magnets. Simple, easy, cost effective…not words usually associated with American Medicine.


Once my blood results are in I will post the results, good, bad or ugly. For now…spring is in the air in Poland and I’m going for a well-deserved stroll in the park and a bit of lody (ice cream).

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