I’ve Got Worms Too! Lyme Disease and Other Creatures

bicom_optima_wieseI am five treatments into the Bio-Resonance Therapy in Warsaw, Poland what a difference one week can make. The treatments last for six to seven hours each appointment most of which I sleep through as well as the other patients. All of us quietly snoring as the practitioner navigates around the room changing the vials of bacteria and resetting the energy waves to destroy the invasive bad cells.

The procedure is painless, I feel nothing, there is no noise except for when the timer goes off to change the bacteria vials. I lay my back against a magnetic pad that looks similar to a heating pad while sitting and hold in my hands two brass cylinders that are attached with wires to the BICOM machine. The brass cylinders transmit energy waves from my body that are then deciphered by the machine into good and bad. The bad waves are then transmitted back through my body via the magnetic pad at my back at an intense frequency that destroys the bad cell. Quantum Physics is the wave of the future.

Each day when I arrive he diagnoses me again to see what we will go after during our session and he came across something that didn’t seem right so I asked him to do another type of test to delve deeper. What he uncovered were worms in my small intestines that if not dealt with I would never be able to fully recover as well as a parasite in my liver that was the actual cause of me having my gallbladder removed over ten years ago. This is what makes me crazy about American medicine, just cut it out instead of find the cause.

So, yes, I have worms. He showed me pictures of these worms, one of them is eleven inches long. That’s just gross and yes it will come out eventually but I don’t even want to think or talk about that right now.

I have four more treatments on the books right now and am looking forward to being tested when this is all over. My joint pain has disappeared, I am able to think and write again (although I never did either one of them all that well to begin with), I am sleeping through the night.

If you or a loved one are suffering from Lyme, Allergies or Asthma please check out the manufacturers website at www.regumed.com located in Germany. The location in Warsaw specializes in the treatment of the above mentioned conditions, feel free to check out his website: www.biorezonans-warszawa.pl.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or comments.

Be well!

*originally published 2/19/14 (ourlifein50pounds.blogspot.com)


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