Something is Definitely Wrong! Do I Have Lyme Disease?

A matter of life or deathThree weeks ago my husband and I left Poland and returned to the United States after having received two months of treatment for Lyme disease. The day before we left we thought it might be a good idea for me to have my blood tested to see if my feeling good would prove the be the same in my blood results.

Sounds like a perfectly acceptable idea, don’t you think? After all, through the treatment for my Lyme disease over the two months I never experience any pain, I didn’t feel anything, I didn’t take a pill or have an iv so how would I really know other than how I felt. Crazy huh?

So off to the lab to have blood drawn we go. It was really the only place throughout our whole stay where I as an English only speaking American really needed the help of a Polish speaking person. Thank goodness for my husband!

The lab was part of a hospital that serves only weird diseases, so…I was in the right place. As we were standing in line to speak to the receptionist almost and I mean almost every person that walked up spoke of borrelia which is Polish for Lyme disease. I knew I was in the right place and felt kind of at ease knowing that yet again I was not the only one with this weird disease.

I brought with me the lab requests from my doctor in California to see if they would be able to do these same blood tests for Lyme disease in Poland. The women that were drawing the blood were Polish speaking only so they suggested that we go right up to the lab and ask. Wow! When was the last time you walked right into a lab where the blood, urine and whatever else was being processed? Never? My point exactly!

The attendant inside the lab did not speak English but the Director of the lab did so she went to fetch her. The Director came out (without us having an appointment), spoke English and was thrilled to look at the sheet of lab requests and went about translating the names so that I would have the correct testing completed. Once she handed us the sheet of tests needed we then had to go back down to the receptionist to pay in cash.

I was a little nervous about the amount that this testing would cost but we could say “no thank you” if the price was too high but this is where I knew for sure that something is definitely wrong with health care in the United States. The blood testing that I had with this same piece of paper in California came with a cost $1,320. We paid $157, yes you read correctly, one hundred fifty seven American dollars in Warsaw. The results of course were in Polish so we then had to get them translated for another $70. So what is wrong with health care in the United States? I think each one of us has a story to tell about this so I will not lament on the imperfections any longer.

Next stop was back to the room where the blood for Lyme disease was drawn. It was kind of a bull pen where people were coming and going and we were all sitting side by side while our blood was being taken. Certainly nothing like in the US but the outcome was the same. Before leaving they asked for our phone number and would call when the results were ready. Yet another reason why something is definitely wrong, my blood results were ready to be picked up in 5 hours. Yup, 5 hours, not two weeks, not 10 days but 5 hours and mind you I had 13 vials of blood drawn and a urine specimen so this was no small order.

To sum up my blood draw and treatment experience for my Lyme disease: the places where the treatment and blood were drawn were not pretty. The walls were absent of beautiful artwork, the chairs were the kind you might find a classroom with plastic seats and metal legs (nothing special for sure). The waiting room for the blood draw was a hallway outside the door, the treatment room resembled a studio apartment and actually was in an apartment building and yet the outcome is better than what I ever could have accomplished in the US. After all my treatment is illegal.

My question to you is: What are you willing to do to get a desired outcome? What self-talk and other people do you need to stop listening too to either take care of yourself or your business?

Something is definitely wrong…don’t you think?

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