Lifestyle Coaching 101

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

- Albert Einstein


Each of us has our own set of stories, excuses or reasons of what stops us from living that fabulous life or getting the guy, the job, living the retirement dream…whatever it might be. We look outside ourselves all day long for the answers.

My view of coaching and life is simple. We, each of us, already have the answers. It’s just easier to look the other way. If we stay small then we don’t make anyone else feel uncomfortable by our fabulous fucking life.

We worry about what others will think, we worry about failure and success, about being embarrassed and not worthy. Frankly, it’s all crap and I don’t buy it for a moment.

Through utilizing the power of radically personalized behavioral sciences and emotional intelligence on-line platforms you will learn to harness your gifts, strengths and core values to lay the foundation of all the dreams and goals that have lay dormant. Core Confidence Lifestyle Coaching brings the sizzle back into your life.

Developing the ability to make better decisions and choices is a key part to living a purposeful life without the emotional rollercoaster that keeps us stuck. Core Confidence Lifestyle Coaching teaches you to tune in to how you have made decisions and choices in the past to create new pathways with predictable positive outcomes for living your outrageous life. 

By mastering core disciplines you will design, build and lead a life you will love. Start today, contact Merry and begin building your dream life.


Even the best of us need a little direction and accountability now and again. Lifestyle Coaching puts the key in your hand that will unlock the treasure that is you, aligning your passions with a purpose, to life the best version of yourself. Lifestyle Coaching is a participatory, interactive, professional relationship that enhances and brings about your hidden gems. We’ll get to the core of who you are, what you are all about, and how you can best serve the world in a passionate and purpose filled way in your mature years. Lifestyle Coaching dives deep into the body, mind, spirit (or soul) connection, looking at all aspects of your life, sometimes as though you are observing yourself from afar. So, whether you are nearing retirement or already there, a working professional or entrepreneur, I’ll dispel the fears and joys of living an authentic life after your daily responsibilities to others.

Lifestyle Coaching is not therapy, although some might describe it as therapeutic. The focus of coaching is to take a deep look, which is sometimes not pleasant, of where you are and what you are willing to work on about yourself to get what it is that you say you want.

Lifestyle Coaching is not consulting, although it is consultative. Traditional consulting works to uncover problems and offers answers and expertise. Core Confidence Lifestyle Coaching facilitates discovery by assisting you in finding your own unique answers. 

Lifestyle Coaching is a commitment and a gift to yourself. It’s a promise you make with yourself to be brave enough to say “YES” to your dreams. Trust me, it can be scary and yet liberating all at the same time. We have years, no…decades of old patterns that no longer serve us and haven’t for years. It’s time to let that shit go. That’s what Lifestyle Coaching IS.


Lifestyle Coaching is for you if you:

  • have dreams of something better…just can’t seem to define it
  • feel stuck or confused about what direction your life should take…great, your gotta start somewhere, why not here?
  • realize there is more to life and more to you…you’re in the right place
  • are sick and tired of being sick and tired…it’s time to stop the stinking thinking
  • have other people around you that say you “can’t”…then it’s time to prove them wrong

BEGIN SOMEWHERE…if you want to dip your big toe into the idea of coaching then start first by designing what SUCCESS means to you. It will get those juices flowing and let you see that life is full of possiblity…even yours!