3 Life Lessons I Learned While Talking to a Stranger

After traveling to Lowicz, Poland to watch the Corpus Cristi procession, a woman walked past me with a beautiful crocheted dress. I didn’t know if she spoke English or not but I was compelled to tell her how fabulous she looked. At that moment I turned to follow her and finally caught up and walked beside her. I gently touched her arm and told her in English that I thought she was beautiful and that the dress she had on was fabulous.

She stopped and turned to me as a big smile took over her face and she replied, in English, “thank you very much.” Then immediately began to talk about the time she had spent traveling through the United States. My husband grabbed the video camera and began following us, as he thought it odd that I could just walk up to a stranger and hold a conversation. Hahahahaha, thankfully she spoke English.

Interestingly enough, she had something very important to share. Here are the 3 Life Lessons I Learned While Talking to a Stranger:

Lesson no. 1 – Don’t complain. You have the choice to look at any situation from a different view. Don’t go dragging others into your drama. Deal with it. Dissect it. Chew on it a while and try to find the lesson and solve your own problem. There is always an answer.

Lesson no. 2 – Stay active. The woman that I spoke with is over 80 years old. Her secret…stay active. Go places. Do things. Meet new people. Keep your mind active.

Lesson no. 3 – Sex. Although I certainly wasn’t expecting her to say that, I have to agree with her. Sex is important. Intimacy and that deep connection with someone you love builds a bond that can help you get through anything.

Never underestimate the stories or lessons the person walking past you on the street has to share, even in a foreign country. If someone looks beautiful, tell them. Make someone’s day! You might just find that your day will turn spectacular in return!


Merry Lynch

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