5 Ways to Unsuck Your Life

Being on the treadmill of life is often times hard or seemingly impossible to get off. We see others living these fabulous lives and yet we stay right where we are in our pity party of existence. Sometimes we go as far as to ridicule others that have something that we want or desire. Yet when given the tools, even though we already have them inside of us, we don’t use them.

The 5 ways that I have learned to “unsuck” my life and move from fear to fearless will seem easy as you read them. Don’t be misled. I want you to be successful. I want you to have everything in life that you desire and that you deserve. Going it alone, doesn’t work for many of us. I see it all the time and have struggled with it myself.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. You know the ones, they pick you up when you fall. Those are the ones you want around whenever you are making any kind of change. Share your dreams, paint a picture for them, get clear and see it (whatever that may be) unfolding in front of you, and always be grateful for the life you have so you can receive the life you want.

Once you have your support system then begin your journey. Here are my 5 ways to unsuck your life:

  1. Tiny Steps-yup this is so important. For me also the hardest of the steps. I prefer to go through life like a bull in a china shop but that doesn’t serve anyone, especially me. By noticing the little things, you will begin to see just how everything all fits together like a beautiful puzzle. Take your dream or goal and break it down to the tiniest detail. Number everything in order of importance and complete each tiny task one by one in order without moving to the next before you have the first one completed. Then track it. Tracking your progress will allow you to see that you are in fact moving forward. When you see your progress, you get to find momentum. As momentum builds you too will find more confidence and conviction to move effortlessly through your detailed tiny item listing.
  2. Two Sides to Every Coin-ugh this gets me every time. There are in fact two sides to every coin, wouldn’t you agree? There also are two sides to every story. Kind of like a checks and balances things. It’s one of the twelve laws of the universe so who could possibly dispute it? Every time a negative thought about yourself or your abilities pops into your head and believe me they will, take a moment to look at it. Like you are observing it as a third person. Is that negative thought really true about you? Most likely not. Are the words that someone said about you true? Nah. Could you be better? Sure, we all could. Once you have a chance to view the “coin” from both sides…let it go. Breathe and let it go. This thought no longer serves you or the world. Let it go.
  3. Mindfulness-I love this. This short three-minute practice will change the way you live your life forever. You can do this three-minute practice as many times during the day or night that you need. My suggestion is to begin by using this short practice before getting out of bed in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Then once you get in the groove of using this technique you might find yourself using it throughout the day as well. So here it is: get comfortable, close your eyes, take deep belly breathes for one minute. Focus on your breath the whole time. Notice it, like feel the air coming in your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your belly rise and lower, that kind of noticing. Then, keep breathing but slow it down a little, move your focus to the thoughts going through your mind. Just look at them and let them go. Observe them move but without wanting to grab a hold of them or put any emotion toward them. Do this also for one minute. For the third minute, go back to focusing on your breath. Big deep belly breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth while moving your attention once again to the sensations that this type of breathing provides. As the third minute draws to a close, slowly wiggle your toes, move your hands around and open your eyes. This short technique will rock your world. Need a little more convincing when it comes to mindfulness meditation? You can read about it more in my e-book Your Daily Dose – your prescription to living life to the fullest.
  4. Visualize-gotta see it to believe it. The oldest technique for achieving anything great, the one used by athletes, organizations (like Google and Microsoft), and multi-millionaires. The caveat here is that you have to have a clear vision or a dream, a goal, an aspiration. By clear, I mean, one that you can clearly articulate. This is where I find most people get stuck in visualizing. The fear crops up once we see that our dream can be a reality and then when it comes time to articulating this dream, we lose it. Can’t find the path and then we quit. Sound familiar? So, get your dream in sight, feel it (this is a must), see yourself in the dream (look pretty good, huh?). Once you see yourself in your dream then begin to describe who you have to be, to become that person. Who do you admire that has the traits that the new you needs? Do you need to smile more (tiny steps remember), do you need to be more outgoing, do you need to be smarter with your money? Things like this…Then you have to begin to be that person. Believe it and the dream will appear. Want to learn how to create a vision board that works? Join me in Portland, Maine on January 6, 2018 for Core Confidence Visions. Don’t let another year pass you by. Registration is now open!
  5. Believe-Amen to that. It is my belief that we were all put on this Earth as perfect human beings. No matter what race, color, gender, religion, disability or not, we are all perfect as we are. If that is true, then the world is my oyster. Right? Easy enough. The gifts that you have are like no one else’s. You are the only one that can share your gifts in the way that only you can do. The best part of believing is the understanding that if you are the only one with these gifts then you have an abundance of opportunities to share your gifts and live a life of abundance.

By going through these five simple and free steps to unsuck your life your dreams will unfold just as they are supposed to. Believe that the world is abundant. Believe that you deserve everything in life that you want with goodness and love. Bring it on…let go…love abundantly and Unsuck your Life.


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