Are You A Resident Of Crazy Town?

Are You A Resident Of Crazy Town?

Emotions can run amuck anytime of year but especially around the holidays. Christmas comes on the same day each year and yet we often find ourselves ill prepared financially or emotionally. We get all stuck in our head about “the list” and instead of focusing on the joy of the season we frantically go from store to store or spend hours upon hours on-line looking for the perfect gift, when the best gift of all is being present. All the while over extending ourselves emotionally, physically and financially.

We lose sleep and forget to take care of ourselves usually spiraling out of control with the flu, a cold or some other illness. I dare say that we should all leave Crazy Town, if only for this time of year. Negative energy just attracts more of that. It’s a vicious cycle. Just how long have you been a resident of Crazy Town? How long have you been paralyzed and fall victim to the situations in your life? The life that you created none-the-less.

There is hope however, being that you created your life and everything in it, you can also re-create it, press the reset button or just simply start over? What would you want to happen in your life instead of living in Crazy Town? Take a moment to start listing and journaling about what your life say in “Paradise” might look and feel like? If “Paradise” is too much of a stretch for you then just replace that with whatever other positive word would fit.

Making a list of how you do want your life to look like can seem like an impossible task and much too difficult. If this is you, then try by taking out a piece of paper and make two columns. On the left-side label this column “don’ts” and on the right-side label this side “do’s”. Under the column “don’ts” list everything in your life that you want to get rid of, and I mean everything. Don’t be shy, look at your relationships and those energy sucking vampires, your profession and whether it is passion filled, where you live, how you feel, the car you drive, your clothes, how you feel about your shape or weight, your hair. Don’t’ miss a beat. Caution, you may need to use the back side of the paper.

Dishing out all of that negative energy can be exhausting, so take a break, grab a drink of your choice, take a few deep belly breaths to get some good oxytocin flowing and begin to write down the opposite of your “don’t” list. For instance, you may have written down on your “don’t” list, a few names of people that either you don’t care for, have hurt you in some way or just are too much maintenance. On the “do” side you may want to write down people you want to emulate, new relationships you want to begin, people you would like to meet. See what I mean?

Once you have that list completed its time to break up with your issues and begin to take positive action, by packing your bags and getting the hell out of Crazy Town. Issues and problems are part of life, the drama is optional.

Where are you letting your emotions drive you and what are you willing to do to change that?

Intentionally yours,

Merry Lynch

P.S. Do you know of anyone living in Crazy Town? If so, then do them a favor and share this email. Help to stop the cylce of Crazy Town.

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