It’s All Just Crap – Or Is It?

Are there dreams that are in you still waiting to unfold? Is there more to life and more to you? Making a Crap Board might just be the ticket to your happiness. Read on to find out how.

I’m in my sweet spot when I’m facilitating workshops. My favorite workshop to host is a program focusing on VISION BOARDS. I just love them, always have. Vision boards have totally propelled my life into what it is today. I personally have used vision boards throughout my life whenever I have felt stuck, frustrated, off track, un-loved or un-worthy. Or on the flip side, I use them whenever I have a new idea, dream or goal and want to create a feeling around it to see if it fits.

Once I have finished it, I hang my vision board in the bathroom or bedroom where I can view it several times a day and hang out with it, until the feeling or vision becomes a part of me. By doing so, I can connect with the vision and trust, allowing it to bubble up inside of me.Things seem to unfold and opportunities seem to be placed in front of me when I trust and let go. Vision boards help that process to cultivate and come alive.

People have called me “lucky,” I call me “open.” I love the quote by Earle Nightingale “luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity”. If luck is about being prepared or laying the foundation, I can do that with a vision board. I can hold onto a vision and put things in place to allow for the flow to happen. It can be scary, I won’t deny it, once things begin to appear or doors begin to open. Because the next thing to happen is all about you. You are the one that has to grab onto the opportunity as it appears. There is a lot of negative head clearing that has to happen in order to feel worthy or ready for all the goodness the world has to offer.

Some people think vision boards are all fluff and are a silly waste of time. Where do you fall? Have you ever created a vision board? I have so many stories I have to tell of things that have happened throughout my life; from places I have lived, travels I have done, degrees or certifications I have attained, people I have wanted to meet, to clients I wished to have. All of which I can directly point to my vision board for the fruition of these happenings. Vision boards when done correctly are never fluff or a silly waste of time.

But for the non-believers…I suggest you do a Crap Board. First designed by neuro-scientist Mark Waldman, Crap Boards can relieve the mind of negativity and bring about space for new more positive thoughts to take hold. Take a deep look at the life you have. Write down everything you hate about it. In detail. Pull out magazines and cut out images and words that reflect how you feel about your current sucky life.

Don’t miss a thing, use this acronym so you make sure you have the all bases cover:

C – conflicts

R – resistance

A – anxiety

P – problems

Got it? List everything. All the people you are in conflict with, everything you are resisting or pushing against, the things that keep you awake at night or that have you in a constant state of worry, and then the never-ending list of problems. Take a deep look at the crap you are lugging around with you and holding onto for dear life.

Grab magazines and cut out images and words that best represent all of this crap and paste them on a board and take a good long look at it. How do you feel? That’s what you got. Now if I were you, I would take my Crap Board outside and burn it and go back inside and begin to build a vision of the life you want.

If you want to learn how to create a kick ass vision board that attracts, then sign up for the waitlist of my upcoming on-line program. I will provide you with the exact program that I used to create my location independent lifestyle, living a life I adore. You’ll get it all. Click the link below to get notified of when the course is ready and learn to unsuck your life.

I hope you’ll join me as I share my passion for creating vision boards and building a life you will love to lead.

To Your Passionate Life!

Merry Lynch

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