Our Life in 50 Pounds

50 pound suitcaseAfter 20 years of marriage this is what we have left of our earthly possessions. That’s right folks, it’s gone, all of it! Sold everything or gave it away – to some very deserving people we might add.

It amounts to 50 pounds. A very emotional journey of downsizing, right sizing and clearing the clutter. In April of 2013 Merry was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease which made us look at life very differently. It has been a year of emotional turmoil with some health challenges still ahead of us, we decided to let go and trust that everything will work itself out – out of Merry’s body – by releasing these pesky creatures from her body!

The journey has taken many twists and turns since April 2013 when we didn’t know what we could expect out of life. It’s times like this when the word “marriage” takes on a different meaning. Although we have always been pretty adventurous getting rid of everything was never in the plans, until this past October when we heard of an unconventional Lyme treatment in Poland. From that point on the conversations and dreams began. So here we are…February 1st we leave for Poland for a time to try this treatment. Then….who knows!

We hope you will follow the journey of the 50 pound suitcase! You never know where the wind will blow it!

Be well!

originally published 1/28/14 (ourlifein50pounds.blogspot.com)

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