The Naked Eye and Lyme Disease

bad-eyebrows-failOh the things I am learning about myself and our amazing body through this journey with Lyme disease. The most important of these lessons is patience, which if anyone were to describe me that would be the furthest word from their mind. The next thing is to embrace change, big or small, right or wrong just own it and move on without dwelling and making myself or those around miserable.

Since last January my husband has been commenting on my eyebrows of all things. It was really quite annoying. He would say things like; now that your hair is grey you really need to dye your eyebrows. I just shrugged him off. I thought I looked ok, after all he is a man, what does he know about eyebrows?

This went on for several weeks, it seemed like a life time to me but I soon began to wonder if he could be right. The real problem is that when I go through my morning and evening skin care or make up ritual I really can’t see a damn thing. So I decided to pick up a magnifying mirror and oh brother it became crystal clear what was going on.

I had no eyebrows, they were gone, so there was nothing left to dye even if I wanted too. What the heck is going on here? I had no idea how important eyebrows are to framing your face. I looked ninety and felt naked. The only thing that came to my mind was drawing a line for my eyebrows. That is so not a good look and never has been.

I went to the store and bought a new pair of reader glasses that were big enough to go up over my eyebrows with big black frames to hide the fact that I didn’t have any eyebrows but then I couldn’t see long distance. I was tripping everywhere and getting headaches, falling down stairs; I was a mess and naked.

I was scared that I was going to look like this forever. I’ve seen those women with the lines drawn over their eyes and never really paid any attention to it. Now I wanted to ask them what happened but thought they may actually like their hairless look and I would be offending them. Not a very nice place for an etiquette trainer to be.

Bald as a bat I decided to begin researching what this was all about. Website after website the medical information sights were suggesting that I needed to see a doctor right away as this was a precursor to something much more serious. So…I kept digging until I found a sight that took a natural approach.

Damn these bugs. Lyme disease attacks your adrenal glands and slows them up which then messes with your thyroid gland which plays with your eyebrow hair follicle along with your hormones killing off any libido that one might normally have.

So not only do I not have any eye brows but I have forgotten what my womanly body parts are for. Not good times for my husband. There he is having to look at a woman that has naked eyes and looks ninety but when she is actually naked she has no idea what to do with any body part or even has an inkling about an feelings in that part of her body. Natta, nothing, nope gone, out the window, hasta la vista baby.

What’s a girl to do? I just keep hearing that Righteous Brothers song in my head “She’s Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.” But alas there is some resolve and crazy enough it’s castor oil. I know you’re probably thinking the same thing I did. How could something that women use to start labor or help you have a bowel movement grow eyebrows. Funny enough, no one knows. It just does.

I began rubbing castor oil into my eye brows about 30 days ago and viola they are almost completely grown in. Another little beauty tip I can share is that if you rub castor oil into your scalp your hair will become more supple and will grow thicker, you can also rub castor oil into your eye lash line and yes indeed your eye lashes with grow longer, no kidding.

I mentioned this phenomenon on a recent visit to the Naturopath and she also told me to take some adrenal gland supplements along with some thyroid support which would help my overall immune system to become stronger. Oh and yes, once my adrenal gland becomes stronger my blood will flow more freely making my libido pick back up. Oh life will be beautiful once again, on so many levels.

Who knew our body was so smart if we would only take the time to listen.

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