It’s Time to Celebrate!

anniversaryDo you believe it? It’s been over 1 year since we ditched everything and decided to live out of a suitcase!! As our grand kids so lovingly call us “homeless” I guess in their eyes we are but to us we are on a journey. The funny thing is I thought I had this all figured out. I thought I was in control and had my finger on the pulse of just how this was all going to play out. HMMMM…how did that work out Merry?

Before I go much further I feel it necessary to apologize to all of our loyal readers and how little we have posted. The intention was good however Lyme Disease rears it’s ugly head in many ways, one of which is brain-fog and the other is loss of follow-through or passion. For me that has been most destructive. Known to be very passionate it has been difficult at best to get clear about anything. However, my continued search for a long term treatment is fairing well here in Poland and I am ready to get back in the saddle and catch you up on just what has happened, where we have been, and who we have met along the way.

My husband, Zdzislaw, bears the brunt of this disease and I admire him more and more each passing day. I never know from one day to the next what life will dish up and he is always ready and most of all willing to do whatever it takes to make the day pleasant.

I met this man on blind date, my one and only, on Superbowl Sunday in 1991. We were married in June of 1993. I am his third wife and he is my third husband. It is true that the third time is a charm!

For our twentieth anniversary we went to Warsaw, Poland to renew our vows with his family and friends many of which I had never met. And many of which I could not understand. Yes even after twenty years of marriage I can still only say “hi” “bye” “kiss me” and “I love you” in Polish which if you know anything about Poles will get you everything you need.

I was pretty sick at the time and in my heart wanted to do this trip because I was not sure if I would be around for the next anniversary. Even though people kept telling me “oh, but you look good” I could barely get out of bed or put a sentence together. This was the trip that changed everything.

One of Zdzich’s friends (actually and ex-girlfriend) (why she was their at our wedding anniversary is another story but anyway) emailed a few months later to tell us of a treatment center in Poland. And their begins our journey.

Today, things are thankfully different. I have so much to be thankful for. You all have given me so much support just knowing you are there. We still are “homeless” but are loving the journey. It is time to celebrate. Celebrate life, celebrate love, celebrate you!

originally posted April 12, 2015 (ourlifein50pounds.blogspot.como)

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