What Do You Say When You Look In The Mirror

Have you ever wondered why good things happen to some people and bad things to others? Why do some people seem to have it all or achieve whatever they set their minds out to do and others, maybe that’s you, seem to miss the mark? Well, think about this…your mind, just like Google, is always listening and mirroring back what it thinks you want.

You search for something on the internet and then all of the sudden you are seeing this information pop up out of nowhere. Then the ads that get delivered are showing this information over and over again. Sound familiar? That’s exactly what your mind does. You experience something with emotion and then BAM…you get more of that.

This is where the bulk of the problem starts. It’s was given to us at birth and will be with us until the day we die and yet it is thousands of years old. We rely on it, it keeps us safe and out of harms way, and guides us through our day without us even knowing it. The question I always ask is “what would life be without it?”

It’s the size of an almond and sits in the back of our brain. We refer to “it” as the sub-conscious but it’s real name is the amygdala. This tiny bite sized mechanism runs our lives, that is if we let it, which most of us do – unconsciously.

It (amygdala) likes the status quo. Wants everything easy going or not. It loves drama if you do. Likes it when our life is steady and predictable. Well what the hell ever happens when life is easy going, predictable and steady? Absolutely nothing! No growth, no excitement, no challenges, nothing new! Is that what you want? No one on their death bed ever said, “boy am I glad I did nothing all my life.” Think about that! On your tombstone, “Here lies Sally, she did nothing for the world.” I don’t know about you but that alone scares the shit out of me.

What about those dreams? The travel and adventure to foreign lands? Starting a business as you enter into mid-life? Where do you want to retire to? What does your life hold in store for you?

Now you know what keeps you stuck, you can never go back to not knowing. What are you going to do now? Remain on auto-pilot or take life in your own hands, put on your big girl/boy panties and live a life you will love to lead with all the crazy ups and downs, twists and turns or curve balls? Be present in your life, self-correct when your thoughts go elsewhere, show gratitude, and watch your words. You are listening.

So, the next time you look in the mirror, say out loud, “you are freakin’ gorgeous and I love you”. Say things like, “you have a brilliant mind and are full of amazing ideas” or maybe try this, “you are worthy of everything you desire because you my friend are a fabulous person.”

Say these positive messages with emotion, feel it even if you feel utterly ridiculous. Get out of bed, run to the bathroom, morning breath and all, and shout out to the world, “I love you to the moon and back, have a simply amazing day.” Then…quietly leave the bathroom, like nothing happened, while you silently giggle to yourself.

Can’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t, no, not enough, lack, fear, shame, guilt, has no place here….ever. Stop the endless negative chatter by fighting back in the mirror. Put your boxing gloves on and give the negative thoughts a good one-two punch. When the negative thoughts creep up, and they will, shut them up with a run to the bathroom.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Go tell yourself how hot you look for an ageless trendsetter. Let me know how it goes. Leave a comment below.

With love and wet juicy kisses,

Merry Lynch

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