What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Newton's LawWhen Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity I am certain he was not relating that to the newly discovered wrinkles on my face or my sagging breasts but there they are in all their glory. As I traverse the world of white hair and wrinkles I begin to want to define what that means to me and how to embrace it.

I was fortunate, I think, to have both of my parents die very quickly. No long illnesses, no lingering diseases, just up one morning and gone the next; my Dad at the age of 52 and my Mom at 73. I remember it being a big thing to survive past my 52nd birthday without a hitch, my sisters and brothers felt the same way. It seemed like if we made it past that 52nd birthday we were invincible.

Now as I grapple with my life with bugs (Lyme disease) and what that looks like long term I look to nature for more and more answers. After all these bugs are from nature so there must be something I can do to keep them at bay and out of my life.

What goes up must come down is a universal law in nature that I know I cannot change, lord knows I have tried but I certainly can influence it can’t I? Living with bugs (Lyme disease) and trying to stay one step ahead of them has led me on a path of discovery.

Discovery of what aging, gracefully of course, means to me and how to embrace it. I guess you could say I am lucky that one of my very first jobs was as the Cosmetic Manager of a large department store. This is where I learned the importance of skin care so now it is just a part of my morning and evening routine.  And yet, the law of gravity keeps creeping up or in my case down. My skin just isn’t as tight or firm and my breasts just are not as cute and perky as they once were. Couple that with bugs who like sucking on collagen I have to look at this aging process through a different lens.

The spirochetes which are the bugs of Lyme disease like dark moist places…the brain, eyes, joints all of which when messed with can me feel old all by themselves. Once in your brain they disrupt how messages are received and you end up having a hard time completing a thought, I now see double and have floaters in my eyes, and the co-infection of arthritis has set in as they continue sucking on my joints and inflaming them. So what’s a girl to do?

Nature is the answer; certainly Monsanto has no room in my life. After the BioResonance treatment I received in Poland I feel better and have more energy however these pesky little creatures still remain in my blood system. They are sneaky little devils that form cysts around themselves when they feel they are being attacked, this way the body does not recognize them as the enemy so it just passes them by. The key to survival is to keep your immune system, liver and kidney working at optimum levels so they don’t get stressed out and break down.

Having a knowledgeable Naturopath has kept me upright and in a positive direction. My diet has changed dramatically. Never having a weight problem in my life, I know hate me if you want but I just never did, I really didn’t take the time to understand nutrition or how food was processed in the body.

Nature once again plays a big role here. My diet is now gluten free, yeast free, sugar free and alcohol free all to keep my liver and intestines clear so everything flows nicely and leaves the organs to their job instead of having to work hard processing bad food or alcohol. I just recently dropped all grains to stop my body from turning them into sugar. My exercise regime has even changed; I went from hiking 3 times a week to sitting on a couch. That was the worst, my body so quickly went to mush but the bugs thrive in oxygenated blood so I should not exert myself physically or get my heart rate up. As my organs have improved I can now begin a regime of yoga and walking with very light weight training which I am very excited about.

Wanting to take things a step further the body and skin care products that I use are all natural and I have even begun making some of them myself. My evening face regime is to use a spritz of witch hazel with cucumber then a dime size dollop of coconut oil with vitamin c crystals. People now say my skin glows, I just wanted to get some extra collagen into my skin so as fast as these pesky bugs suck it out I am putting it back in.

So what goes up must come down is ok. A little wrinkle here or there, I’m saying it shows wisdom and experience. The sagging breasts well thank goodness for push up bras. The bugs, I’m gonna love them away. And life, well it is still full of adventure and I’m gonna get my share of it!

Originally posted May 16, 2014 (ourlifein50pounds.blogspot,com)

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