Merry Lynch – Lifestyle Coach

Merry Lynch

Most of all I am a wife,

a mother,

a Grammy,

a sister and aunt,

a friend,

a teacher,

and a lover of travel. Come join me on this epic journey of life.


Hi, my name is Merry Lynch. I’m a lifestyle coach, specializing in mid-life transitions for the modern-day warrior woman. I support women in digging out their dreams from years of being on the back burner, to build, create and thrive in a life they have designed. If you are a woman who loves travel and adventure or at least wants to give it a try, being well seasoned, accomplished and authentic, seeking passion and purpose, who knows there is more to life and more to youthen boy, do have I a lot in store for you!

  • Maybe you find yourself stuck or frustrated not knowing where or how to begingreat, you gotta start somewhere…why not here?
  • If you want more out of your life and have more to give, yet don’t how to define itsuper I’ve been there.
  • If you are wondering how to go from career to creating your second act or moving to retirement and are full of fear, doubt, anxiety or confusionyou’re in the right place!
  • If other people say you can’tlet’s prove them wrong.
  • Do you want to downsize to rightsize your lifeit’s a great feeling, let me show you how!

With certifications and degrees in behavioral sciences and emotional intelligence, etiquette, soul purpose lifestyle coaching and women’s studies, I travel the world to help the modern-day warrior woman run confidently toward her dreams. I teach serious stuff with a down to earth, unique twist that ensures everyone gets the message they need. We’ll design tangible steps that develop your personal empowerment so you feel vibrant and balanced (regardless of age), leading with intuition creating a life based on your desires. Think of me as a  lifestyle design curator for the ageless trendsetter (which I know you are), who intuitively takes your vision, your words, your dreams and facilitates a process that allows you to bring all these aspects together to create a life that truly speaks to who you are. How freakin’ fabulous does that sound?


  • Worksheets, downloadable pdf’s and guidebooks to get you moving
  • Webinars, programs and discussions on personal and professional growth
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Tools and tips for defining your passion and creating your purpose
  • Over three decades of leadership, life and business knowledge delivered in bite sized chunks for you to implement immediatley
  • Thought provoking stories to open your mind and challenge your thinking
  • Like minded tribe to hold your hand along the way
  • Retreats for women looking to test their beliefs in themselves and discover possibilities

So if you’re ready to get started and say “YES” to your dreams, begin by creating your modus operandi…an intention to live by, a place to draw your line in the sand and jump into your dreams. Let’s get you started…for FREE. Yup, for real…it’s FREE! Say “YES” to you!

So whether you’re in transition from career to retirement, from working for someone to becoming an entrepreneur, from having the big house on the hill to a 50 pound suitcase filled with all of your belongings desiring an expat existence…I’m here for you. I’ve done it and I’m here to tell you the journey is worth every step.

I’ve laid out the plan, step by step, divulging everything I did right and everything I did wrong, saving you time, money and frustration. You just have to put in the work of allowing the dreams to bubble up, letting them unfold in front of you, and stepping into the person you’ve always wrote about, dreamt about and yearned for.

Come on, what are you waiting for? You’re not dead yet!


  • No surprise…I was the captain of the cheerleading squad in high school – seems like a lifetime ago…oh wait, it was!
  • I opened my first brick and mortar business three weeks before my 40th birthday (big, hairy, scary goal). Was rejected 7 times for bank financing and kept going. Number 8 finally agreed. Never give up. No is just “not enough information”, always improve your pitch. Sold it 8 years later and made a great profit.
  • I have owned 3 businesses – 2 of which were very successful, the other one…not so much. I have 3 grandchildren and 2 daughters, have lived in 3 countries and currently live an Expat life that I absolutely adore…is something going on with 3’s? Oh…I have had 3 husbands, but this one’s a keeper. If your problem is defining your exit strategy…I’m your gal!
  • President George W. Bush was a client. He lived in Maine for goodness sake (where my business was), I called the White House and told his people that he should be doing business with Maine companies when he was in town. A strange thing happened…they agreed! It never hurts to ask.
  • Most life changing experience…being a certified birth doula, volunteering at domestic violence womens shelters, helping women transition from fear to love.
  • Buying plane tickets is an addition…I need help or a bigger bank account.
  • Lyme Disease was my greatest gift. Ok, so it’s not really a “fun fact” but an empowering one for sure. From being wheelchair ridden, having to find my voice, saying “no” to the man in the white coat, getting quiet, finding peace, to traveling the globe helping women just like you draw a line in the sand and stop sitting on the sidelines of life. So if you suffer from a Chronic Illness or just a pain in your ass…got it covered…I’ll teach you mind techniques to blast through any of that stinkin’ thinkin’.

So jump on in and enjoy the ride of your life! Begin today by drawing a line in the sand and saying “YES” to your dreams.


My life reads like a good suspense novel with all the ups and downs that life has to throw plus a few good curve balls, if you’re reading this then I’m sure your life does too. It’s time to re-write the chapters, put some zing into the ending and live a rewarding, fulfilling life, full of acceptance that will truly portray your TRUE NORTH.

I was told “no” many times in my life, that I shouldn’t or couldn’t, that it wasn’t time or wasn’t right. But it’s up to me to define my vision, with my words, from my dreams. So, if you are saying “no” to the vision you have for your life, I’ll show you how to clear the fog, put the words and images in place and step into the dream. The world is waiting.

So, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and stay for a while. Have a look around, read what you like and leave the rest, don’t forget to share – after all sharing is caring! Take a breath, you’re in the right place. This is your time to take those dreams off the shelf and put them into action. I’m right here with you!

As Always,


P.S. Don’t waste another minute, begin the journey TODAY. Design your INTENTION and claim your dream.