Coaching takes on a variety of offerings. It all depends on what you want your coaching experience to feel like and look like. Below are short descriptions of what each coaching path may offer. Ready to investigate one on a deeper lever? Then a FREE "let's get acquainted" call might be just what you need.


Many clients enjoy the one on one contact that personal coaching offers. It's a sacred safe place to release and let go of the past hurts, disappointments and fears. changing our thought patterns is never easy, especially when done alone. Personal coaching offers a mirror to the thoughts that stop you and provides a path to changing habits that will ultimately change your life.

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Workshops provide a way for you to tip toe into different ways of being. Workshops provide a smogesboard of ways for you to discover and uncover what lies deep beneth years of not enoughness, putting yourself and your desires on the back burner and telling yourself that fabulous life is only for others. You get to pick and choose what learning path you are ready to take.

Retreats are a special little gift we give ourselves. Generally week long curated excursions with other like-minded ageless women in some magnificent location around the globe.


Enjoy being in a group setting? Then joining a mastermind might just be the key for you. These short bursts of intense group on-line coaching, packs a punch and delivers results to defined goals. Often times you'll find yourself in the company of people from around the globe all seeking to blast through some limiting beliefs. Masterminds are a less expensive coaching experience by being in the company of others.

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