Can You Make Just One?

After a breathtaking hike in the mountains near Termes, France, one of our favorite places to visit, my husband and I took a break to admire the view. We were talking about the views we like best and how they make us feel. One day it might be a white sandy beach with the blue ocean waves gently caressing the sand. Or maybe being high above the desert on a mountain where the stillness in the air sends a sense of calm through the whole body and then there are other times when a hike on a wooded path that opens to an expansive view, will sometimes make me cry. We talked about all of these views and the sensations or thoughts that they provoke and which one, if any, that we could call our favorite.

My husband then said to me as we sat admiring the view before us, “a breathtaking view like this, is like seeing a beautiful woman – they are everywhere. All you have to do is pick one and commit to it” and then he kissed me. Yes, moments like this really happen and I am beyond grateful. And YES, I am a very lucky lady. I will forever seek the beauty that surrounds me and be present in the moment, for that moment is all that we have.

In life, my experience has been that sometimes there are too many things that I want to do or that I am good at and therefore I stay stuck right where I am. I can’t seem to make a commitment to anything. My mind goes into confusion and I find it difficult to stay focused on one thing. Does this ever happen to you?

Knowing that there is enough, enough of everything, can help to ease this anxiety or frustration or lack thinking. Understanding that the universe does provide and that each of us is here for a purpose will help to get your feet out of the cement blocks that they may seem stuck in and into action. Having an abundant mindset will actually help you in commiting. Sounds like an oxymoron but it is true. Abundance isn’t about the stuff, it is about the moments. Finding where your true north lies, or your unstoppable passion, is your only job.

Ask yourself this:

  • What is it that I would do all day long and not get paid for it
  • What comes so damn easy to me that I would be surprised that people would pay me for it
  • Who is it that I want to hang around with or interact with all day long
  • What gets me so excited or jazzed up that it keeps me up at night
  • What is that one skill that I have, that I most enjoy sharing with others

In reality having trouble commiting to anything is about our relationship to abundance. If I said to you, “there is always enough,” what would your response be? Do you have faith that there is enough? I know, it is easier said than done. Through my battle with Chronic Lyme Disease I was given the opportunity to seek counseling. I jumped right on board. I knew I needed someone to talk too. During our first visit and for each visit after that we talked about faith. Not necessarily in a religious kind of way but in an abundant way of thinking. At first I had no idea what she was talking about.

But during that first visit, the counselor asked me if I prayed for myself. I laughed. “Why would I pray for myself when there are so many others in need”, I said to her. She said quite simply, “because you are worth it.” We spent the rest of that session talking about the words to use when asking for help and letting go of lack thinking. It was ground breaking for me.

I realized just how difficult it was to ask for help and to commit to even myself, when everything seemed so dark. What I was lacking was abundant thinking. My world, at that time, seemed to be crashing in around me. I wasn’t able to see the other side.

But once I began to see the abundance that surrounded me, even though the bank account was running dry from the medical expenses and after having my profession riped right out from under me, I still knew that I had something to share. My core self was still intact, although a little bruised and bumped.

That dark time in my life taught me about commitment and that the world will always provide, if you can see clearly the result. Just as my husband had made a commitment to me, I made a commitment to myself. That commitment turned into this blog and my life’s passion to inspire others to take the leap of faith by committing to themselves.

I have been fueled by abundant thinking which has created my life of travel, as I seek to help others globally design a life they most deeply desire, while I am free from having to be in any one location. By having commitment to myself, I can make choices and decisions which indeed make me feel more abundant. How abundant is your world? Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

With love and light,

Merry Lynch

P.S. If you need a place to start or a place to set your life in order, then begin by taking my FREE on-line, self-guided course on HOW TO SET AN INTENTION. This two hour FREE program will get you thinking and moving your life forward to your true north. Make a commitment to yourself, right here, right now.


The First Step. Thinking outside the box in Lyme Disease treatment.

diagnosing lymeAfter being diagnosed ten months ago with Chronic Lyme Disease I find myself in Warsaw, Poland to undergo a natural treatment called BioResonance. The first step although diagnosed in the US through a blood test called the CD57 and Western Blot the BioResonance practitioner needs to see exactly which strain of Lyme Disease that I have.


The procedure took approximately one hour where he was able to, without every touching, poking, or prodding me, tell me exactly was type of Lyme I had, the co-infections or other bacteria that are also causing problems, and what he could do to help me, guaranteed. Yes, I said guaranteed! If the treatment does not work the first time because of how the creatures can manifest themselves, he will administer it again, for FREE. Certainly not a business model that would survive in the US.

It was interesting to me that without looking at my lab reports, knowing my history, asking about my symptoms; he was able to tell me everything that I have been experiencing this past year. This procedure takes into account quantum physics which for most is a stretch to grasp but having a disease like this makes you dig deep and listen to those that might be able to help.

The practitioner (not a physician) will be able to eradicate my body of the co-infections and severely damage the Lyme bacteria. The strain of Lyme that I have when it is threatened creates cysts around itself which the body does not recognize as a foreign object hence the reason this disease is so difficult to control. However with the co-infections gone and the “playmate” to the Lyme bacteria my body should be able to live with the lingering bugs if my immune system is strong enough.

Be well!

originally posted 2/8/14 (