Travel Day – Through Russia with Love

AeroflotAfter 30 hours of travel we have finally arrived in Warsaw, Poland. Other than some airport delays and some unexpected costs the trip went well.  I still have mixed feelings about the flight on the Russian airline Aeroflot but they still have a chance to redeem themselves on our trip back in March.

The seats were close together but no worse than some American airlines and the aisles were quite narrow. My guess about the aisles being so narrow may be for the same reason the Russian government in 1980 refused to hold the Paralympics in their country stating that there were no disabled people living in Russia so why bother. Maybe there are no overweight Russians either?

Dinner was either fish or fish and breakfast was fish or chicken. My thought is that they have never received the memo that there are two things that you should never cook in a microwave or in an enclosed area and that is: popcorn or fish. The wafting smell of fish being served to over two hundred people can be nauseating, trust me. So for breakfast I opted for chicken which was also served with, yup you guessed it, fish salad! I had been dreaming of a buttery croissant and sliced ham and a cup of tea when the smell of yet more fish woke me and then the turbulence became so bad that the breakfast service was stopped before they could pour the tea.  Are we there yet? Note to self: pack some food when flying Aeroflot maybe even some nose plugs or essential oils.

Bloody Mary'sKidding aside, for the money, it was a good buy but the flight was late and long. They did compensate us for the flight delay with meal vouchers and the restaurant selection in the international terminal of LAX is good so the time passed quickly. To celebrate our victory we ordered bloody mary’s with some Russian vodka and thanked them.

Be well!

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