Would You Give Me The Shirt Off Your Back?

Well, it never hurts to ask as I found out while having lunch at Dick’s Kitchen in Portland, Oregon.
My daughter and I are both what I would call “foodies,” we both love to cook, enjoy eating, and love to share it with others. In anticipation of my arrival, Melissa (my daughter) would compile a list of restaurants we had to visit. The qualifying standards were unusual offerings, imaginative decor, and organic, home grown, free range and cage free food that could satisfy our taste buds.

This visit was no different and with a hankering for the best burger in town we found ourselves at Dick’s Kitchen where I had a choice of free range local beef, bison or boar and to top it all off I could get it on a gluten free bun which was an added bonus.

Besides the great menu the customer service was over the top from the time we stepped in the door. In the age of fast food and internet shopping personalized service is all that brick and mortar stores and restaurants have to offer. It seems as though they understand that at Dick’s Kitchen.

Each staff person also had on a tee shirt with the Dick’s Kitchen logo all with varying verses that were quite clever. I asked our server if the t-shirts were for sale and she promptly brought over the list and size ranges. The problem was the server behind the counter had a tee shirt on that I did not find on the list so I asked about that one. Come to find out, they were sold out and normally I would just shrug my shoulders and move on, but not this time.

For those of you that know my husband I am sure that you would agree that he needed a tee shirt that said “Fast, Hot and Juicy,” it was meant for him and I had to get it somehow. Trust me when I say that I have never done this before but I inquired about buying the shirt off the servers back. After a few rounds of “are you serious,” “it’s used and dirty,” the server stripped down and promptly handed over his shirt. So not only did I have an amazing free range burger that was amazingly tasty and juicy, my daughter and I had a relaxing, fun filled afternoon with the staff at Dick’s Kitchen in Portland, Oregon.

Leadership comes from the top down; it takes a special environment for team members to be able to genuinely be interested in their patrons. Take a tip from Sam Walton who said “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.
Dick’s Kitchen will keep me talking about them for a long time. It wasn’t just about the server giving me the shirt off his back; it began the moment we walked in the door.

To top it all off, the t-shirt was a huge hit. My husband traveled with this t-shirt all over the world. Here he is in Paris which seems a little crude in the culinary capital of the world but he is all that and more!

Cheers to Fast, Hot & Juicy!

Merry Lynch

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